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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cancelled game that disappointed you the most


What game cancellation disappointed you the most?

Silent Hills 22 30.99%
Star Wars 1313 10 14.08%
Scalebound 12 16.90%
Fable Legends 1 1.41%
Mega Man Legends 3 5 7.04%
Rainbow 6 Patriots 0 0%
EverQuest Next 1 1.41%
Whore of the Orient 2 2.82%
Legacy of Kain: the Dark Prophecy 5 7.04%
Other 13 18.31%

You should have also added Amy Henings Uncharted 4. I'm pretty sure amy's vision was far bolder for Drake and Co

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Star Wars Battlefront III (which was reinvented as Galaxy In Turmoil by fans)

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII
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For me, Six Days in Fallujah. That game sounded like it was gonna be amazing, and the reason for its cancellation was utter crap. I really wish Sony had picked up the project like they were rumored to be at one point.

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From the poll Silent Hills and Star Wars 1313.

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Probably Starcraft: Ghost, but from the options in the list, I'd say Mega Man Legends 3. Though, honestly, even though it didn't appeal to me, the Silent Hills cancellation feels like the most shocking one and the biggest mistake.

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Eight days comes to mind, it looked very cool when announced. Megaman Legends also hurts.


Farsala said:
Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

This.  The darker theme of versus XIII seems way cooler than the end product we got (FFXV).

Wright said:

Not exactly the one that disappointed me the most, but this thread immediately reminded me of Sadness for the Wii.

It was supposed to be a psychological gothic horror game, and I recall gaining a bit of fame back in the day. Given how much I am a sucker for horror games, really wished this came true, but alas, it was not supposed to be I guess.

Speaking of Wii. Never got that Battle Arena Toshinden game that was supposed to come out

Metal Gear Rising an interquel starring Raiden and the actual mechanics looked unique