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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cancelled game that disappointed you the most


What game cancellation disappointed you the most?

Silent Hills 22 30.99%
Star Wars 1313 10 14.08%
Scalebound 12 16.90%
Fable Legends 1 1.41%
Mega Man Legends 3 5 7.04%
Rainbow 6 Patriots 0 0%
EverQuest Next 1 1.41%
Whore of the Orient 2 2.82%
Legacy of Kain: the Dark Prophecy 5 7.04%
Other 13 18.31%

Knack 3. The series deserves better.


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Halo Mega Blox looked cool.

It was never announced but I am so disappointed that the Vita did not get a Gran Turismo game.

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Thrill Kill
Propeller Arena
SC Ghost
Crackdown 3
LoK Dark Prophecy

Probably that single player star wars game EA cancelled recently.

I was bummed when they canceled Rome rising God’s and hero’s. Also war hammer was awesome in its first month. It died quickly but it’s first month was awesome.

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That Kirby game we could have got on the Gamecube.

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TimeSplitters 4.

I loved the TimeSplitters games on PS2/Xbox (would love a remaster of the trilogy in fact!) so not getting any more since then really sucks. Stupid Haze for ruining a perfectly good dev and effectively ending a fantastic series too

CaptainExplosion said:
Donkey Kong Racing for GameCube. Would've been great to have a direct follow-up to Diddy Kong Racing.

I forgot about this. I was definitely interested in the idea. Was there any gameplay footage released?

There was a horror themed FPS in development for PS2/XB/GCN called Asylum. I was looking forward to it at the time but sadly nothing came of it. *loud song in trailer warning*

Farsala said:
Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Can you imagine where we might be if Vs13 was actually released and on time?

So FF13 came out then vs13... the year is 2009-11. Would SquEnix be so obsessed with sequels to a game not many people liked? 13-2 and 3 might not exist (they sold well but not FF13 well meaning a lot of people didn't buy the sequels, usually a bad sign). If they didn't then and vs13 was finished. We would/could have not only had FF15 as a completely different game, we could have maybe had it sooner, we could be on FF16 by now and KH3 would have come out sooner as well.

This gen wouldn't be me just playing Bloodborne and DA:I over and over, I'd actually have something new/different to play.

Hmm, pie.

Eric2048 said:
Farsala said:
Final Fantasy Versus XIII.


I dont think I will ever be able to get over the fact what versus was supposed to be and what we got in the end.. It would have been better if SE had canned the entire story and went with a new story.. I m not a final fantasy guy, but versus universe had me intrigued.