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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft teases all-new hardware for gamescom

Kinect 3.0 w/ an all new kinect sports game, bank on it!

...please dont bank on it

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PwerlvlAmy said:
Kinect 3.0 w/ an all new kinect sports game, bank on it!

...please dont bank on it

Actually I'd like that. As long as it was closer to 1 and 2. I hear 3 was super trash.

As long as they fix it so I don't have to be across the house for it to actually read me.

Plus hey the xbox one would actually get exclusives again.

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endimion said:
VAMatt said:

The Xbox Elite controller is by far the best controller I've ever used. But, I see no reason for them to release another one right now.

They are releasing a new one that's for sure... Can't remember where i saw the report... And it's probably what they'll show at gamescom it will be even more customizable to your play style...

Well, that's interesting. I rarely make use of any of the paddles or button mapping.  I just like the overall feel of the thing, the adjustable trigger pull depth, and the interchangeable thumb sticks.   I wonder what else they can bring to the table....

Unlikely to get any info on nextbox but we never know. Scorpio which was just midgen release got unveiled 18months before release.

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it's cleary the new x-portable console. With the new battletoads as the killer app,of course. I heard that franchise is a system seller.

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Xbox One SS? Hope it is a hardware redesign rather than an accessory.
I expect the second generation of elite controllers. We've been hearing about them for a while now.

They said fuck it to VR/AR, and they reconfirmed it wasn't Xbox console hardware itself... New controllers, new Xbox editions based on games (Like the GoW4, Minecraft, and Forza themed Xbox's).
I always wished for a handheld that takes advantage of their "Play anywhere" program with all their exclusives. Forza and Cuphead on the go!.

Excited for sure if it is a new Elite controller, or customizable Elite controllers on that one website where they let you design Xbox controllers. I really love Xbox controllers.

I'm really curious to see what they are going to do with brand new themed Xbox consoles. I want a new Xbox One sometime soon for myself, and I hope they release a Forza themed Xbox One X. The Forza 6 Xbox One was beautiful, THEY NEED MORE.

It says Xbox bundles now. So clearly a typo in the first place.

What are the odds the "all new hardware" change was planned all along to drum up hype and get as much attention as possible? It was more than just a little typo going from “all new Xbox hardware and accessories” to “new Xbox One bundles and accessories”.

If you can customize your own controller colors and designs and that business is quite profitable, why not add customizable consoles? Maybe there's a customizable bundle where you can have both for a cheaper price or with a game bundled, instead of ordering them separately.

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VAMatt said:
WoodenPints said:

It's probably the Xbox Elite Controller V2.

The Xbox Elite controller is by far the best controller I've ever used. But, I see no reason for them to release another one right now.

iirc rumors say Elite V2 will have adjustable tension on analog stick movement, which would be a huge addition btw.

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