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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Microsoft teases all-new hardware for gamescom

Xbox One SS? Hope it is a hardware redesign rather than an accessory.
I expect the second generation of elite controllers. We've been hearing about them for a while now.

Well that name would not sell well in Germany.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

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Well I'll be dog-goned. I was really hoping for a surprise. Guess I'll just have to keep enjoying my XOX for now. This damned AAA gaming Phone is one elusive little critter.

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His blog-post now reads: " New Bundles & Accessories" instead of hardware, in the posting he made.

So to re-cap:
1) no new hardware for gamescom.


2) they dont plan on doing a normal Press Conference Gamescom event, instead their going to "stream" video a Inside Xbox episode.


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twintail said:
It says Xbox bundles now. So clearly a typo in the first place.

Yeah he says he mis-spoke/wrote.

Title of thread should be edited to reflect this tbh.
Also gamescom not being a real press event, but instead a streamed episode of Inside Xbox.

Hype deflated lol.

VAMatt said:
endimion said:

They are releasing a new one that's for sure... Can't remember where i saw the report... And it's probably what they'll show at gamescom it will be even more customizable to your play style...

Well, that's interesting. I rarely make use of any of the paddles or button mapping.  I just like the overall feel of the thing, the adjustable trigger pull depth, and the interchangeable thumb sticks.   I wonder what else they can bring to the table....

From what I can remember it will be targeted to pro gamers... Adjustable thumb stick resistance.... Adjustable trigger draw distance etc even the triggers can be modified etc... That's what I can remember and the last one was speculation based on patent filing from MS

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Now after his correction it makes more sense... but it could also be that he left the information get out before the right time.

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i have literally no idea what they could announce

I found the article I was referring to Everything we know about the next Xbox Elite Controller 'V2'