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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's the dumbest video game cover you've ever seen?

forest-spirit said:

There are plenty of beyond stupid covers out there but I think I'll hand the gold medal to the American Mega Man cover. The art is complete rubbish and Mega Man carrying a pistol is so God damn silly.

Mega Man, a middle-aged cop with acute arthritis, wears his iconic yellow and blue suit to defend his futuristic tropical city.

Seems cool enough to me ;)






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The one that appears on Amazon for Cyberpunk 2077 is just really meh. I don't know if that's the placeholder or the actual one but it's just so meh. Anthem even more so - I mean the gameplay for this game looks so generic and the cover doesn't help matters.

It's in contrast to so Metal Gear Survive, where the game itself is such a dumb concept yet the box actually gives off a sense of drama.

Final Fantasy XIII (and X)

The traditional Final Fantasy font with a traditionally drawn logo behind it against a white background vs 'sex sells' cover. :P

Hmm, pie.

The cover art for "10 out of 10" -- er, I mean Arkham City GOTY -- is pretty dumb.

The cover art for Devils Third in NA just screams hot garbage

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Mega Man is absolutely the worst ever made.

God bless You.

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Makes me both laugh and cry every time I see it :)


CladInShadows said:

Seriously? This is a thing? Damn, you win the thread. /thread 

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