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Forums - Movies Discussion - Anyone else dying to see Mission Impossible Fallout?

Bristow9091 said:
Anyone remember on Mission Impossible 2, during the bike chase scene, when his tyres kept switching from onroad to offroad between shots and it was weird as fuck?

I recall not liking two due to his stupid hair style and the bike sequences... 3 was great though if I remember correctly.

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I'm watching it tomorrow!!! I always found the series to be entertaining so im sure itll be a blast!

I'm not really into cinema these days

God bless You.

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Not really. It lost its appeal after the 2nd one.

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Saw it last night. Spoilers I guess.

I was pretty underwhelmed to be honest, and I love MI 1, 4, and 5. For starters, it’s way too long. And almost all of the dialogue sucks. The last two films especially, had great writing and dialogue between the characters. None of that here. It also has too many twists and turns by characters to make any logical sense. How is Bassett’s character not in prison at the end of the movie?

Per usual, the camera work was great. The visuals and set pieces, amazing. The Cruise Missile, unstoppable. And Cavil was good. His death was amazing. Pretty meh on it though.

I like Tom cruise movies, they are entertaining, But, i'm not anxious to watch it, no.

Saw it. WOW. The action scenes are a monumental achievement. Honestly it should be celebrated as one of the best action movies ever. Just insane. I hate action scenes where you can barely tell what is going on. The editing here was crisp and clear and you always knew exactly where everyone was and what was happening.

Story was servicable and you could see the twist coming from the get go, if not the trailers, but it was still a good, well-constracted and well-paced story and the cast was amazing, the cinematography was breathtaking. Finally, the stunts were next level, the lack of green screen and CGI really does make a huge difference in immersing you in.

9/10 and best movie of the year for me so far.

drkohler said:
Smartie900 said:
You have to be a certain level of crazy in order to hang off the side of an airplane while it's a couple hundred feet above the air just so you can get a cool trailer thumbnail.

Yeah... sure. Ever heard of green screen technology?

My first encounter with TC was way back  in a John Grisham movie, where a thoroughly incompetent actor played the key role, almost ruined the film single-handedly. Turned out to be a very young TC. What a misearble performance that was. Next time I saw him was in a costume movie, again hopelessly untalented acting, less facial expressions than Steven Seagal (and that tells you a lot). That was the time he was out in my movie books (his addiction to a certain cult hasn't helped either ). So shoot me.

You can complain about his acting, but he did that stunt for real. He was attached to the plane with wires, but they still flew it up 5,000 feet 8 different times just so they could have the correct shot. There was nothing green screen about it.



Aeolus451 said:
Not really. It lost its appeal after the 2nd one.

Well as far as I know that one is regarded as the worst movie in the franchise.