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drkohler said:
Smartie900 said:
You have to be a certain level of crazy in order to hang off the side of an airplane while it's a couple hundred feet above the air just so you can get a cool trailer thumbnail.

Yeah... sure. Ever heard of green screen technology?

My first encounter with TC was way back  in a John Grisham movie, where a thoroughly incompetent actor played the key role, almost ruined the film single-handedly. Turned out to be a very young TC. What a misearble performance that was. Next time I saw him was in a costume movie, again hopelessly untalented acting, less facial expressions than Steven Seagal (and that tells you a lot). That was the time he was out in my movie books (his addiction to a certain cult hasn't helped either ). So shoot me.

You can complain about his acting, but he did that stunt for real. He was attached to the plane with wires, but they still flew it up 5,000 feet 8 different times just so they could have the correct shot. There was nothing green screen about it.