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02 December 2017

And another crazy month of Steam stats... Windows 7 (64-bit) is now at 70% of the surveyed data (and 72% of the Windows systems).

The macOS-share is down to 1.35% and the Linux-share is down to 0.27%:


I felt bad for the AMD share, so I added a few mobile R7 + R9 GPUs that were under my radar before. Small stuff (0.01% - 0.04% each), but every bit helps.

Nevertheless the AMD share still fell under 5% of the Steam survey data. (I don't count entry level GPUs like Radeon R5 or GeForce GT without X).


The GTX models on the other hand (Kepler and newer) are now at 76%. Pascal for itself reached 30% of the Steam survey data:


The Top 10 of GPUs on Steam are all Nvidia cards. And here it is getting ridiculous:


  • the GTX 750 Ti has 3x the share of all AMD GPUs above (14.61% vs. 4.75%)
  • GTX 960 and GTX 1060 aren't far behind, they each almost reach 3 x 4.75%
  • the top 4 GPUs (750 Ti + 960 + 1060 + 1050 Ti) are more than half of the survey data:


The hardware base of Steam systems that can keep up with the current consoles should be around 160 million units.

For comparison PS4 + Xbox One (including PS4 Pro + Xbox One X) are around 100 million units:

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03 January 2018

Steam Stats December 2017... after 2 crazy months, things are getting normal again.


04 February 2018

Steam Stats update!

I'm keeping it short this month:

One third of the Steam hardware base has now a Pascal GTX GPU (low level GT 1030 not included), another third of the Steam hardware base has now a Maxwell GTX GPU (no low level "GeForce GT" crap included).

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03 March 2018

Steam Stats for February added. Also Valve made some adjustments for the previous months.

GTX Pascal still strong with 1/3 of the data, Polaris still around 1.1%, Vega still at 0.02% 

02 April 2018

It's Steam stats time again!

Some smaller Maxwell cards lost a lot of percentage this month, especially the GTX 750 Ti... every AMD card/series gained from that, in total AMD gained a whole percentage point. Let's hope that this is not a fluke but a proper adjustment; only time will tell.

GTX 970, 1070, 1080 and 1080 Ti also had huge gains from the adjustment above, which leads to an increase of 10% of VR-capable PC systems (from 60 million to 66 million units). PSVR compatible units are still above that (around 78 million PS4s), but the PC hardware base is getting closer.

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03 May 2018

Huge shift in the Steam stats! Valve finally fixed overcounting Chinese internet cafes.

  • GTX Maxwell goes down from 39% (January) to 23%.
  • AMD HD 6x - Vega goes up from 4.25% (January) to 8%.
  • AMD CPUs go up from 8% (January) to 16%.
  • Windows 10 (64 bit) goes up from 36% (March) to 53%.


02 June 2018

No big changes on Steam last month. They added "RX Vega 11"-APUs:


02 July 2018

Steam Stats for June are in.

GTX Pascal is still going strong... the GTX 1050 joined the top 3 of most popular GPUs (this month it is a tie with the falling GTX 960, next month it won't have to share that third place).

The top 3 (GTX 1060 + 1050 TI + 1050) already has a share of 26% and the successor series ain't even announced yet.

For comparison: two years ago (at Pascal launch) the top 3 (GTX 970 + 960 + 750 Ti) only had a share of 12%... of a much smaller hardware base.

And that is the data I was looking for:


September 2016: 0.31% of 185 million accounts = 0.57 million VR headsets

October 2016: 0.33% of 198 million accounts = 0.65 million PCVR headsets

July 2017: 0.39% of 242 million accounts = 0.94 million PCVR headsets

August 2017: 0.44% of ~250 million accounts = 1.1 million PCVR headsets  ("Summer of Rift" price cut)

June 2018: 0.70% of ~290 million accounts = 2.0 million PCVR headsets


The PCVR hardware base is growing slowly, but it still is growing. Together with PSVR a hardware base of 5 - 6 million VR headsets should be possible this year.

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