Forums - Gaming Discussion - would you buy FF VII for Smartphone?

I'd never buy any game on a phone. Then again I have a Windows phone so it's not like I even have a choice anyway

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I would buy it for my Vita instead.

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V-r0cK said:
ZODIARKrebirth said:

i like to play some time on the phone when i'm not at home and a little time. purchased already final fantasy VI and chaos rings 3 and liked it to playing them on my phone, but i'm not sure about ff VII

Well there's other devices that play the game better BUT if phone is the platform that suits you best then you should go for it.  There may be some bugs and what not that may not run as well as you may like compared to the original but it definitely wont be bad enough that'll make you not want to keep playing.

So you should definitely buy it for your mobile and enjoy the hell out of it! :)

thanks, sounds i should try it and bring back some good old memories😉

Probably not, and even less so considering the UIs and graphics Square Enix has been putting in its mobile ports.

I bought it a couple years ago... played it for 10 minutes and then never touched it again... I used to have more free time at work when I was teaching on a block schedule and had a few credit recovery classes where I just kind of sat there and it was really boring. So I bought it thinking I might bust it out when I was really bored. However, I decided to just change schools and now I have a full traditional schedule (means smaller prep period) and have zero free time now, except during the summer, but I’m not going to play phone games when I have all the consoles to play on...

To me, phone games are just there for when you are bored and don’t have access to a console or computer...

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Tablet, yes, phone maybe.


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Wouldn't download it for free.

I bought it for my 3G Vita, back when it was my Smartphone. The current crop of Smartphones, I would never buy it for, or even download if it was free.

Best way to play it on the go is either Native on PS Vita, or via Remote Play on PS Vita.

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