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Pagan said:

I dont understand some of the folks question herre. Why would you get it on your phone? Because you can put your phonr into your Pocket but not your tv. Very simple. I have played ff9 and its very good on Android. Galaxy s8.

have seen that many reviews are very positive for ffIX, maybe try next

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if you want these portable and want actual controls with the original Psone versions of the games... have you ever considered picking up something like a pspgo?

They take all of about 5 mins to mod in a way you can download and drop games onto from various free sources online and the pspgo comes with 16gb internal memory (up-gradable with another 8gb M2 card) which is more than enough to put every FF game from the Psone era onto.

Just food for thought.

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Hell I've bought Final Fantasy VII on everything else. Might as well buy it on my phone, too.

I played FFVIII on an emulator on my phone. Would I play FFVII natively on my phone? Hell no, I'd stick to the good games instead. FFIX and FFX on my phone would be pretty cool.

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I've played it on my phone with a PS1 emulator, and it was quite good. I could speed up the game, which was nice for some grinding, and I could also interchange the savegames with Sony's PS1 emulator for PS3.