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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Weekly, 19th May 2018, Software

Darwinianevolution said:
Wow, a week without GTA V on the Top 10, those are rare. Also, for a big and heavily advertised XBOne exclusive, Sea of Thieves seems to have tanked already.

I really think people set their expectations way too high for the game, not to mention it's also on Game Pass so I assume quite a lot of its userbase will be from there and not retail copies anyway. But yeah, even I didn't think it'd be so... low, lol. 

It's nice to see God of War still in top spot, although this will be its final week in the spot, lol... I also notice Kingdom Hearts and Crash in the 21-22 spots, not too shabby, hopefully Kingdom Hearts will gain some legs with the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 finally announced, I wonder what it'll be at by the end of the year. 

And then there's Horizon, let's not forget about it because it's dropped a bit lol, but it's almost at 5m retail copies sold, which must mean either our physical sales are undertracked or the digital sales are really high considering Sony/Guerilla announced it surpassed 7.6m in February of this year. Interesting.

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Mar1217 said:
Boy, Nintendo evergreen titles doing well as always. Kirby's doing decent too.

But, SMT SJ Redux western release didn't do much huh ? Too bad ...

I think that was to be expected, the 3DS is really slowing down.

I bought God Of War physical and traded it in to get the digital version. Put me down for two...


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ps4 SW sales high as usual, I wonder how close it will get to ps2 in the end

Ah, so Hyrule Warriors was released only in Japan so far, now releasing in europe and the us puts it in the charts at top.

I should mention BattleChasers NIghtwar, because the Switch-release did exceptionally well. PS4 first week sales were 7K, on Switch now it does over 10K. Pretty awesome.

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