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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Square Enix is running a Player Survey

Just finished! While I always up to these gaming surveys, "15 minutes estimated time" my butt...

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Did the survey.

Disappointed there was only an "aware and have not played" option instead of an "aware and won't play because I think it's shit" option

I like everything but SP is my favorite

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15 minutes for a survey that is like toilet paper for the company, they dont give a shit about what fans want...


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Well I just finished. multitasking while creating this thread and posting.

For one of the last questions. I asked for a new Xenogears game. lol

Probably won't do much but I asked for every Dragon Quest game to come to Steam and even listed it as my favorite franchise despite never playing it. Also asked for Nier: Automata on Switch and Super Mario RPG 2 =P

I also made sure not to choose anything multiplayer and microtransaction/DLC related.

Just finished taking it.

When they asked me what games I wanted to see them make, I put down Super Mario RPG 2 and a 3rd Chrono game.

When they asked me for any suggestions, I said 'don't get too overly ambitious with their AAA projects, (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts). Obviously, I want a really great game and I understand that takes time. But it's been 6 years since Kingdom Hearts 3's reveal and release. That's too long even for today's standards. You guys need to do a better job there.'

And I also put "Single Player" as my preferred option.

Thanks for letting us know. I completed it after forever.