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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Much Will Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sell?


How Much Will Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sell? (V.2)

20-22 million 1 25.00%
22-24 million 1 25.00%
24-26 million 1 25.00%
26-28 million 0 0%
28-30 million 1 25.00%
>30 million 0 0%

10-12 million. I'd be happy to be wrong if it sells more though!!!


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12.3 milli

Maybe I'm a bit too optimistic, but given how well and fast Odyssey and BotW sold with a smaller player base at the time and how successful the Switch has thus far been and Smash always is, I feel like the max ">14 million" is pretty low for a max.

I really don't have a good feel for it, but by releasing so early in the Switch's life cycle and Sakurai saying there won't be another one this gen (if ever), I think it should safely pass 15 million and may sell many more.

PAOerfulone said:
bigtakilla said:

Just not appreciative of the condescending thread (and I'm on the side that Smash will eventually reveal itself to be a new entry, though totally see why currently people don't).

Well, why didn’t you just say so?!? 

I apolgize if the messaging came across as condescending. I’m just continuously dumbfounding nded my everyone who says it’s a port even though Nintendo themselves have stated, multiple times, that it’s a new game in the series. Regardless, I already edited the OP.

Because I overreact and make bad decisions.


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It's going to be up there with BOTW and MK whatever those numbers are.

Over 20m.

HandofPrometheus said:
It's going to be up there with BOTW and MK whatever those numbers are.

To be honest, Zelda's and MK's numbers will be very different. Not only is MK ahead of Zelda right now but it's also increasing the gap. Zelda won't go beyond 20m, but MK8 Deluxe certainly will. I think Smash will be a middle ground between the two.

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Greater than 14 million is such an under-representation of the 100 trillion copies I expect it to sell. So, I dispute the validity of the poll.

It'll sell one for every four Switches.

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