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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Much Will Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sell?


How Much Will Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sell? (V.2)

20-22 million 1 25.00%
22-24 million 1 25.00%
24-26 million 1 25.00%
26-28 million 0 0%
28-30 million 1 25.00%
>30 million 0 0%


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6m to 8m but honestly i don't really care. Looking forward to it regardless

Im gonna be optimistic and say 18-20 Mil, Its releasing around December, I think Fortnite is gonna push Switch sales for a bit and in December Smash sales will just take off like a rocket. Still its just me though.

Not enough to subsidize free online. So >14m.

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13-15* million. MK8 DX shows that Nintendo fans literally anyone will buy a Nintendo game if they slap a pretty subtitle on it.

(*+Me if they announce a Story Mode.)

Over 12 million, possibly over 15 million.

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I think it could hit 15-16M when its all said and done.

BOTW and Odyssey breaking some of the franchise historys, I expect this to be the same.
So in saying that:
Ultimate > Brawl
= 14mil+

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Given that the Switch is making every long standing franchise sell better and thats its a new game, easily 20+ million units

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