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Forums - Gaming Discussion - How is Final Fantasy XV?

The games is far better then FF 13 + FF 13-2 +and FF 13 Lighting returned combine. But it's still cannot surpassing the quality of others previous FF titles like FF 12 or FF 10. The over-world is what people want but not what we actually dream off. The world history are actually pretty small and lack of historic element to it and very generic. The Character are very bland .

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Thanks guys, the feedback so far has been really helpful. I guess I should just get the royal version since its pretty cheap too right now.

It's a fine game. It doesn't compare to top FF games, but of course not many games do...

It is close to FF Type 0 HD as well, so consider that one as well and pick the style that fits you imo.

To me it´s a big disappointment.Terrible pacing, disjointed story, barren open world, super boring sidequests.I do like the characters and I think the combat is just ok but that´s about it.

As RPG's go, it's a good one.

As Final Fantasy's go, it's mediocre.

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The good:

-The vibe between characters and dialog between characters can be entertaining and their the small details can be very enjoyable, at a moment I was driving the car and gladius was reading a book but then it starts to rain and he is 'sighing' and put his book away. Not in a cutscene it just can happen and I really enjoy those kind of small details.

- The first 5 hours will probably feel fresh, you enjoy camping, cooking and maybe even be amazed how good the food looks, you enjoy prompto pictures and watch them all and save your favourites, you enjoy the hunts, enjoy driving in your car listening to old FF music, you discover dungeons and really want to explore the game.

After 5 hours it felt like an 8/10 game for me.

But after 5 hours it goes downhill and it really depends on what kind of person you are but for me camps became annoying, prompto's pictures I started to just skip, the hunts are becoming boring, the open world still looks great but if you have to be on the other side of the map for a side quest it can be irritating to get to that point driving (especially at night) so you just go to sleep to skip the night but spending 5-10 minutes sleeping and traveling to a point can hurt the game experience. After 30-90 hours you want to finish the story and it's basically 6-8 hours of long corridorish kind of gameplay with a story you probably don't care about.  The last part I would give a 6/10.

Overall I gave it an 7/10. 

I platinumed the game, I would lie if I did not enjoy it a lot but it also annoyed me a lot and the 120 hours I spend exist atleast of 20-30 hours of annoying stuff (Story + travelling + camping again).  They have improved the game so for example you can go to camp and make it instant night, very usefull when it is  8 AM in the morning and your hunt is only available at night (yeah I had to wait a lot till it became night sadly).

Be better next year when its complete

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100 hours and got my plat.

I would say 8.5/10.

My personal biggest issue is that SE did not really commit to a open world game.

I'd say it's a good game. Considerably better than FF13, for sure. But it feels more like a WRPG than a JRPG. Story feels a bit rushed, especially during the last third of the game, and I wish they included some of the supplemental story as part of the actual game rather than pull it out for a movie and anime that nobody really asked for.

Gameplay mechanics were fun and satisfying. But again, this doesn't feel like a JRPG to me.