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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Confirmed: Tales Of Vesperia Remaster Announced For Xbox One/PS4/Switch/PC.

I just hope it's NOT exclusive to anything. Third party exclusivities are lame and a thing of the 2000s.

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PS4 hopefully, or have to reluctantly buy a Switch copy.

Yes yes yes yes!!!


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Imagine if this goes Switch exclusive, with all the PS3 version content, plus a secret skit in which the protagonists troll Playstation gamers.

I miss this game.. even though it killed my X360.

Good! I've always wanted to play the ps3 version.

Also, finally i can enjoy a tales game again. It's been nothing but terrible games since. I had already checked out of the series, but i'll come back for this one.

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Nice! Maybe a PS4 exclusive to make up for the original mistake of not releasing stateside for PS3 in 2009.

It was/is my favourite Tales of game, I even went so far to get all the achievements for the game, was hard to pull it off.

Would finally give me a chance to play the game.

Finally gonna cover that japan only PS3 gap coming to the PS4 worldwide, right?

Oh man...Don't get my hopes up! I played the original on the Xbox 360 but I want to play all the content that was on the Japanese only ps3 version.