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Forums - General Discussion - Real Life Maid Girls you're attracted?


Which of these 4 is most atrractive to you?

Maid Hazelnut 0 0%
Maid Nadeshiko 8 72.73%
Kage Maid 2 18.18%
Maid Chou 1 9.09%

Yeah none of them....

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The last one is the least unattractive/unnatural. I guess some people are into this kind of thing..

Agree with those saying they look creepy. There's just something... off... about them.

I've never got the appeal of maid outfits anyway, but there's plenty of girls that can still look good despite wearing them, at least when they look natural anyway.

Hmm. Jailbait

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Tsundere types are the best :)

Kage, Hazzlenut and Chou look cute the rest looks like they are cosplaying a character from a Horror movie or a creepy pasta.

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None. I like women with a personality.

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A lot of them are just way too young looking, not really for me.

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Do you guys consider this normal or creepy too?


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