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Forums - Sports Discussion - Football Thread 21/22


** Betting is CLOSED - all winnings have been paid out by TalonMan **


Premier League winner?

Liverpool 2 $200.22 22.22%
Manchester City 7 $3,356.75 77.78%
Totals: 9 $3,556.97  
Game closed: 05/11/2019

Germoney to blitzkrieg it all!

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Tournament winner: Portugal
Golden Boot winner: Cristiano Ronaldo
Group A: Uruguay & Egypt
Group B: Spain & Portugal
Group C: France & Australia
Group D: Argentina & Croatia
Group E: Brazil & Costa Rica
Group F: Germany & Mexico
Group G: Belgium & England
Group H: Colombia & Senegal

Ka-pi96 said:
Carl said:
Where's the option to vote for the Dutch?

On the 2022 World Cup poll.





2026 maybe


We´re never going to a world cup ever again are we? 

Anyone interested in a VGChartz WC Fantasy Football league []

Send a Friend Request On PSN :P

I have no clue, but I will do some betting.

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Tournament winner: Brazil
Golden Boot: Neymar
Group A- 1st Uruguay, 2nd Egypt
Group B- 1st Spain, 2nd Portugal
Group C- 1st France, 2nd Denmark
Group D- 1st Argentina, 2nd Iceland
Group E- 1st Brazil, 2nd Serbia
Group F- 1st Germany, 2nd Sweden
Group G- 1st England, 2nd Belgium
Group H- 1st Poland, 2nd Colombia

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Winner: Germany
Golden Boot: Neymar

Group A: 1. Uruguay, 2. Russia
Group B: 1. Spain, 2. Portugal
Group C: 1. France, 2. Denmark
Group D: 1. Argentina, 2. Croatia
Group E: 1. Brazil, 2. Switzerland
Group F: 1. Germany, 2. Sweden
Group G: 1. Belgium, 2. England
Group H: 1. Colombia, 2. Poland

Tournament winner: Brazil

Golden Boot: G. Jesus

Group A - 1st Uruguay, 2nd Egypt
Group B - 1st Spain, 2nd Portugal
Group C - 1st France, 2nd Denmark
Group D - 1st Argentina, 2nd Croatia
Group E - 1st Brazil, 2nd Switzerland
Group F - 1st Germany, 2nd Mexico
Group G - 1st Belgium, 2nd England
Group H - 1st Colombia, 2nd Poland


Edit for first round games:

Russia 2 x 0 Saudi Arabia
Egypt 1 x 2 Uruguay

Morocco 1 x 1 Iran
Portugal 1 x 2 Spain

France 3 x 0 Australia
Peru 1 x 1 Denmark

Argentina 2 x 0 Iceland
Croatia 2 x 1 Nigeria

Costa Rica 1 x 1 Serbia
Brazil 2 x 0 Switzerland

Germany 2 x 0 Mexico
Sweden 2 x 0 South Korea

Belgium 3 x 0 Panama
Tunisia 0 x 2 England

Colombia 2 x 0 Japan
Poland 2 x 1 Senegal






Ka-pi96 said:
Spain have just sacked Julen Lopetegui as manager due to him agreeing to become Real Madrid manager.

Way to (possibly) screw up Spain's World Cup Real Madrid

All thanks to the self-proclaimed champions of Spanishness.

You can bet that if Spain does poorly in the Word Cup they'll blame Piqué.

I agree, it’ll be way too stretched out. Could’ve easily been in one of them. Doesn’t really matter to me anyway it’s not like I’ll go there.