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Forums - Sports Discussion - Football Thread 21/22


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Premier League winner?

Liverpool 2 $200.22 22.22%
Manchester City 7 $3,356.75 77.78%
Totals: 9 $3,556.97  
Game closed: 05/11/2019

Winner - Portugal
Golden Boot - Ronaldo
Group A: Egypt and Uruguay [Russia may get close since they're the host and all and this is a really weak group]
Group B: Portugal and Spain
Group C: Denmark and France
Group D: Argentina and Iceland [Come on Iceland!!]
Group E: Brazil and Switzerland
Group F: Germany and Mexico
Group G: Belgium and England
Group H: Colombia and Poland

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Ka-pi96 said:
The favourite to win the World Cup (Germany) just lost 2-1 to Austria...

A minor dropback, I guess. Austria is weaker than Mexico, but I can't see them defeating the Germans in the Group Stage. 

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Where's the option to vote for the Dutch?


Carl said:
Where's the option to vote for the Dutch?

Agreed we have as much chance as england

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Oh yes I can smell the anticipation for this World Cup!

Tournament Winner: Germany
Golden Boot Winner: Marco Reus
Group A: 1st Uruguay 2nd Russia
Group B: 1st Spain 2nd Portugal
Group C: 1st France 2nd Denmark
Group D: 1st Argentina 2nd Nigeria
Group E: 1st Brazil 2nd Serbia
Group F: 1st Germany 2nd Mexico
Group G: 1st Belgium 2nd England
Group H 1st Colombia 2nd Japan

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Ka-pi96 said:
The favourite to win the World Cup (Germany) just lost 2-1 to Austria...

Germany are traditionally pretty bad in friendlies. Not much for them to worry about.

Tournament Winner: France

Group A: 1st Russia 2nd Uruguay
Group B: 1st Portugal 2nd Spain
Group C: 1st France 2nd Denmark
Group D: 1st Croatia 2nd Nigeria
Group E: 1st Brazil 2nd Switzerland
Group F: 1st Germany 2nd Sweden
Group G: 1st England 2nd Belgium
Group H 1st Colombia 2nd Senegal

I hope Iceland make it through though.

Winner: The Nethe.. Argentina
Golden Boot: Messi

Group A: 1: Uruguay, 2: Russia
Group B: 1: Portugal, 2: Spain
Group C: 1: France, 2: Denmark
Group D: 1: Argentina, 2: Croatia
Group E: 1: Brazil, 2: Switzerland
Group F: 1: Germany, 2: Mexico
Group G: 1: Belgium, 2; England
Group H: 1: Colombia, 2: Poland

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Winner: Germany
Golden Boot: Ronaldo

Group A: Urugauy, Eqypt
B: Spain, Portugal
C: France Denmark
D: Argentina Nigeria
E: Brazil, Costa Rica
F: Germany Mexico
G: Belgium England
H: Senegal Poland

Hmm, pie.

Tournament winner: Germany ( I hope, always have supported Germany in Tournaments because my nation never get to WC)
Golden Boot winner: Timo Werner
Group A: Uruguay & Egypt
Group B: Spain & Portugal
Group C: France & Denmark
Group D: Argentina & Croatia
Group E: Brazil & Switzerland
Group F: Germany & Sweden
Group G: Belgium & England
Group H: Columbia & Poland