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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - List of Everything Confirmed About the Upcoming 2018/19 Pokemon Games

Here's a complete run down of everything Nintendo/GameFreak have confirmed about the upcoming Pokemon games:

- Gamefreak officially consecutively stated in the media conference that it is a core series game.

- Gamefreak have targeted this towards newer / casual fans.

- Gamefreak officially stated that core games will come in two supplements for the future, Games like this for the newer crowd and your typical Pokémon game for hardcore fans. The 2019 release is geared for hardcore fans. This is targeted to introduce new players into the franchise adopting some familiarity with the ever successful Pokémon Go.

- The 2019 game won’t have casualisation because of this game.

- Pokémon Go isn’t required to play

- The Accessory isn’t required to play.

- Gamefreak and Serebii have given official confirmation that the games have online activity. Their was a mistranslation earlier in the stream which caused hysteria among fans.

- Pokémon can use 4 attacks just like in the main core games rather than Pokémon Go’s. The attack system mirrors the main core games.

- Pokémon Attacks have the standard animations from the main core games as we see with hyper beam, Swift, seismic toss and the like. They do not function like Pokémon go. The animations are crisper and cleaner.

- Wild Pokemon have levels that mirror the original wild Pokémon from Kanto, we see this with the mt moon clefairy being the same level as the original gen 1 games and the other overworld Pokémon matching the rest of the wild Pokémon of mt moon.

- Wild Pokemon have both levels and Cp. The Cp likely is a modifier from transfer and for familiarity since the game is targeted for that audience in mind.

- Wild Pokemon are caught like in go.

- The accessory makes it easier to catch Pokémon

- Standard core series items can be used in the wild before throwing a ball to increase or decrease capture.

- Items can be used in battles.

- Double Battles are back

- Players can co op with other players at any time freely

- Co Oped players can participate in story mode battles and help you battle in double battles. You can do the entire adventure together or separate. Perfect for couples and siblings.

- Co Oped players can help to catch Pokémon, both getting the spoils.

- The game features Pokémon centres.

- Wild Pokemon appears in the overworld like standard JRPG games meaning you can catch what you want, no more spending hours trying to get that elusive Clefairy, meaning you can enjoy the action more.

- The story mode features Team Rocket, they use some new Pokémon they didn’t use previously giving variety to their typical rosters

- Mewtwo plays a part in the story unlike in the originals

- The new device is an OPTIONAL seperate tool much the pokewalker. It’s not needed to play the game, but rewards you like the pokewalker allowing you to take your partner Pokémon for walks and getting rewards.

- You can trade Pokémon between Pokémon Go and the Switch at will and mix and match at your desire

- Transferred Pokémon go to a Pokémon pal park clone, exactly the same as gen 4.

- All pokemon follow you like in HGSS

- Pokémon Amie clone returns

- You can dress up and stylise your pikachu and eevee as you want without restrictions

- The story Pikachu and Eevee cannot evolve exactly like Pokémon Yellow. Others however can

- The standard Pokédex Returns, no more rotom lol

- As revealed by Gamefreak and Serebii, a brand new Pokémon is being offered for players as an exclusive.

What we learned from the official QA Gamefreak meeting

The online features use their own seperate features.

The core game in 2019 WONT USE ANY features from Pokémon Go

The special Pokémon exclusive to this game is brand new

The 2019 game is confirmed to use all features from sun and moon and XY

Gamefreak confirmed FOR THIS GAME ONLY there will be minor differences in how you level up, raise & train Pokémon in Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee, citing they wanted to simplify it

The games have multiple save files with save files being tied to user accounts.

The games don’t store save data on the cartridge.

Pokémon breeding is unavailable

Any Pokémon among the first 151 available in the game that could carry a trainer are rideable

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Sounds interesting. Was hoping I could evolve Eevee in the game... Oh well...

KLAMarine said:
Sounds interesting. Was hoping I could evolve Eevee in the game... Oh well...

You are able to just catch another eevee and evolve it at least.

I will be very sad if the visible Pokemon in the overworld in Let's Go don't return in the 2019 game.

"Wild Pokemon appears in the overworld like standard JRPG games"

umm... there's nothing "standard" about that. JRPGs aren't non-standard if they have random encounters ya know...

Edit: Actually, Final Fantasy turned to crap once it removed random encounters so... it doesn't look good for Pokemon :O

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 31 May 2018

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All of this sounds great to me to be honest. Especially the bits about the 2019 games not being "casualized" and having no Go features.

Betting the new Pokemon for Let's Go is a new Eeveeloution. Dragon type would be amazing and compliment Sylveon like Espeon and Umbreon/ Glaceon and Leafeon kind of compliment each other as opposites.

Okay, ti's not as bad as I thought. It's just Pokemon Yellow without the grinding and attacking pokemon to a little health and throwing a ball. I'm down for this,can't wait to play it and explore Kanto once more.

Awesome, cant wait for it to come out. Hope they will adopt the visible wild pokemon in the following games

I'm super hyped for both. They need to open up the preorders for the pokeballs already

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Honestly, Lets Go seems like the extreme opposite of what I actually wanted from a Switch Pokemon game. This is like a nightmare scenario.
-Set in Kanto, easily the worst region in the games (the new layout looks extremely similar too, to the point that patches of grass are in the same place as the originals)
-only the original 151, not even including evos to gen 1 pokemon that came in other gens (kingdra, steelix electrivire, etc)
-No wild pokemon battles, only lame pokemon go catching mechanic
-The removal of random encounters for Pokemon
- Return to the stupid chibi bobblehead style of Gen 6
-Return of the walking grid system, no allowing free-form movement (This one is the most ridiculous change, especially when Sun/Moon got rid of it)
-The removal of the breeding system
-Removal of Character Customization also looks likely
-Looks like uprezzed Sun/Moon
-overpriced pokeball aaccessory and pokemon go integration

For $60, this looks like an utter cash grab.

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