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The 1DS is real. MY BODY IS READY!

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Not gonna lie, I'd buy a 1DS solely to make sure the platform stays alive, and to trigger a certain handful of people who spite the 3DS. :kappa:

I think I died at the 1DS SL haha. Like, let's just bring back the original DS lol

This is the only leak in which I believe!

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alejollorente10 said:

This is the only leak in which I believe!

That's not the real one. Why would Nintendo put so stupid names in it?

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I didn't get it till it got to the 3DS part.

Nintendo won E3.

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Translation: I will always hate Fox for canceling The Exorcist.

This list doesn't have Diddy Kong x Star Fox Grand Prix Racing: This Is What We've Been Working On for Half a Decade.

Obviously fake.

Seems legit.

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