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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Lack of new games on Switch

Faelco said:
andisart said:

And the year before with only ONE game showing (Zelda)

Everyone agrees that the "Everyone agrees with my opinion so I'm right" argument without any tangible proof is useless.

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I kinda feel like you. I want new experiences that aren't available anywhere else and is the culmination of years of development. Then I look at my library and say "I'm having fun" and I'm personally okay with that. Looking forward to Wolfenstein. Even though it's a port, it'll be new to me.

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OP and some others here must have very high standards cause there's only one other platform that could fit their description right now ...

spemanig said:
pizzanuggs said:

Only thing holding me back from buying more Switxh games is the fact that i have rent and food to pay for.

Switchs 3rd party support has been the best ita been since the SNES days.

I genuinely don't understand how anyone can say this. Both GCN and Wii were better. Even Wii U was better at the beginning.

Literally, with what games is the Switch's multiplat support approaching SNES era? What how many big multiplat games aren't releasing later than everyone else? Where are the big, industry shifting 3rd party exclusives, because that's what much of the 3rd party support on the SNES was. Exclusives.

Switch can't even get COD. It's support isn't good. People are just stomaching it better because the breadcrumbs are more frequent.

OT: Yeah, I haven't touched mine since XB:2. Mario Tennis Aces will be fun soon if I can get my sister to play with me, but it's been a dry few months. What the world really needs is a release date for the new GOAT, SMTV.

You're finally excited about the game ? :D Thought you were cautious about it ...

Anywoo, SMT SJ Redux is pure joy !

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Cobretti2 said:
My biggest issue is that there is a lack of physical games (i only buy those) and even when some come out (especially crapcom) you need to download 80% of it lol.

All I want is like the old days put the whole game on the physical medium (at least the single player component of it).

Nintendo should be publishing indy games on physical medium. Hell do Best of indy vol 1, vol 2 etc... It is a missed opportunity considering how many people I know still prefer physical games

This is an awesome idea!  I know that for PS3, there were several indie games that I tried only because I could buy a "best of PSN" collection.  I would be very happy to shell out some money for a best of Switch eshop collection.

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jardesonbarbosa said:

No, that's basically it. And don't count on E3, every year Nintendo's E3 is underwhelming. Nintendo Switch is a nice device, but it's just way behind the PS4 at this moment, maybe in 2 or 3 years they'll have 10 exclusive great games?


EDIT: Reading the thread, I get the feeling that Nintendo fans don't need that much to be satisfied, just throw a 3 year old port here a lame Kirby game there and everyone is happy. I love Nintendo, my first game was Super Mario World and until the PS3, I was a Nintendo-only gamer, but after playing games that are actually good, I can't be bothered to play a game like the new Kirby or to be excited about stuff like Mario Tennis. I feel like Nintendo also can't be bothered to release big AAA games or games from different genres because fans really are ok with anything they throw. I don't regret buying my Nintendo Switch, I mean, it's my Zelda machine and I love BOTW, but I feel totally different about Nintendo now that I do have the newest Nintendo console, but I also have PS4.

I know how you feel. I was in that same boat some years ago. Although I grew up with Nintendo, for many years I didn't care about the games anymore. It was mainly in the 7th gen. I got the Wii shortly after launch but barely even played with it. Instead I got the PS3 and thought that is the hot shit now. I loved my PS3. I thought I would never get back to Ninty. But in 2016 PlayStation games really got boring to me. After having played mainly on that platform for 8 years, everything felt like it was the same. I was underwhelmed by Uncharted 4, I got bored by The Last of Us and today I can't be bothered to even try out the new God of War. No, two years back, I had the urge to play something different. It didn't take long until Nintendo came to mind. They had all these interesting titles that couldn't be found anywhere else. So I got myself a 3DS and had a blast playing Super Mario, Animal Crossing and many more games. I was especially amazed by the perfection in gameplay. I completely forgot how well Nintendo does stuff like that and just two years ago I had no idea that they still achieve the high standards they had in the 90s. I was so blown away by the games that I got a Wii U shortly after and loved it. Got the switch at release and guess what, I play mostly on that system.

I still like my PS4 Pro and all, but it's mainly my VR machine right now. PSVR is awesome, even though it seriously lacks good and especially longer games. I still love it. But when it comes to flat games, I got hooked to Nintendo once again. There's so much stuff I missed and I can't wait for the new stuff that will come soon. Maybe you will get back to Ninty too after a few years. But don't mind it too much. Enjoy whatever platform you're playing on. Just know that you don't need low standards to like what Nintendo offers. It's just alwas a subjective matter. Which games are fun to you personally depend on so many factors. Some care about a good story and those folks probably won't get too happy with Nintendo. People like me care for great gameplay and great gameplay only. Nintendo has a shitload of stuff in that regard.

As for the topic at hand, how the hell do you all find enough time to play all the games coming? Seriously, I'm still not done with Breath of the Wild at this point! I haven't even touched Bayonetta 2, just rushed through the first one. Not through with Mario Odyssey and I bought Stardew Valley without having touched it. Then there are evergreens like Overcooked. That game is always a hell lot of fun when I play it with my son and wife. I don't know, there's no way I could ever catch up to all the games coming out, althoug I play with the switch 1-2 hours a day. Well, most days anyway. Sometimes it's just not possible because boring work and stuff. =P

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As a WiiU owner, I must agree - the Switch lineup is weak. A few big titles carried it through the first year. But, 2018 has sucked so far, and will likely suck going forward. There just aren't many big games once you subtract the WiiU ports.

Faelco said:
andisart said:

And the year before with only ONE game showing (Zelda)

Everyone agrees that the "Everyone agrees with my opinion so I'm right" argument without any tangible proof is useless.

But saying every year is underwhelming is useful?

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zorg1000 said: 
Faelco said: 

Everyone agrees that the "Everyone agrees with my opinion so I'm right" argument without any tangible proof is useless.

But saying every year is underwhelming is useful?

The OP and most comments are saying "I find that there is a lack of games I want to play lately between 2 periods of big release". Not "I know that the whole world agrees with me about the fact that there is never a new game on Switch, so I'm right about it.".


The difference is the expression of a personal opinion on one side against "I personally checked that 7 billions humans agree with me so dude, trust me, I'm right and you're wrong" on the other side. I'm wasn't really taking a side in the discussion, just pointing the invalidity of an over-used argument. About the OP itself, I'm not a Nintendo fan except for old-style Fire Emblem and Advance Wars so for me there is kind of a permanent lack of games I want to play... But overall it's usual and expected to have dry periods, because Nintendo doesn't have the AAA third party support to compensate between 2 big first party releases. 


Hiku said: 
Faelco said: 

Everyone agrees that the "Everyone agrees with my opinion so I'm right" argument without any tangible proof is useless.

Thanks, I'm keeping that :D

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Nothing that hasn't been discussed before...

Nintendo decided to frontload the Switch. Now, they are hoping ports and Indies - and Labo, too - pick up the slack.
Wrong strategy, if you ask me.