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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What are your most wanted announcements at the Nintendo E3 Direct and Treehouse?

The only way nintendo can disappoint me is to announce a bunch of 3ds games that should be for switch.

the best thing they can announce is advance wars for switch, since i already know about Yoshis game,, smash bros, the new Fire emblem and this likely pokemon game.

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Absolute Hail Mary: New F-Zero, Amaterasu (Okami) announced for Smash, Metroid Prime 4 has Metroid Prime Hunters' esque multiplayer

Unlikely: Devil May Cry 5 is both announced and coming to Switch, Dedicated servers for Smash 5, New Ace Attorney

Possible: New Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime 4 gameplay footage, Mario Party 11

Likely: Retro's Game (Don't care what it is at this point, just reveal it), something on Metroid Prime 4 (even if it's just a CGI trailer).

Almost Guaranteed: Fire Emblem 16 footage

1) Super Smash Bros. Blowout: I want the game to be the star of the conference, it should both open and close the presentation, the opening should be the gameplay and roster reveal whit some new characters, the closing should be one, highly anticipated newcomer (I have an idea for it down below);

2)Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu/Eevee: we know they're coming, we know they'll be announced soon, what we don't know is the substance: I hope it's not just an upscaled version of Kanto using the S/M engine in HD, I want cities to be bigger, routes to be longer, new environments, possibly new Pokémon, it doesn't matter how, this must feel like more than a simple remake. I don't expect big changes to the combat system but I'm open to the "Pokémon GO" approach to wild Pokémon: if I can chose which pokémon to capture from the overworld, I'm good. I also think introducing berries to throw to befriend them would be cool, especially since the Safari Zone could be turned in a small Pokémon Snap section now that it's possible :p ;

3)Metroid Prime 4: I don't ask much, they just need to show they are working on it, a gameplay trailer would be ideal, a CG trailer would be acceptable, I'd be even Ok with a short introduction to some of the lead developers (which we all know are at Bandai Namco but Nintendo hasn't confirmed yet) BUT, if the game appears at E3, I really want it to close Nintendo's conference, then, when everyone thinks it's ended, the Smash logo appears and they confirm Ridley as a playable character in Smash;

4) Fire Emblem: I liked the pirates leak from a while back, it'd be a nice twist to the series and fit the return to home consoles for it, I think Inteligent Systems are going all in on this game because they know the IP could become far bigger if they knock it out of the park on Switch;

5)surprises: honestly after so many leaks in the past few weeks, I just want there to be a few surprises left, yes, I'll be excited to see Star Fox, Pokémon and Smash, but leaks kinda force me to tune down my expectations, so I just hope there's a little something left that hasn't been leaked

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My Wishlist:

Chibi Robo Switch, Excite Bots Trick Racing 2, Pikmin 4, Metroid Prime Trilogy Collection on Switch, 2D Zelda on Switch, Mario Maker Switch, Elebits 2.

*dusts off list, puts on glasses* 

Style Savvy 5

Kirby Air Ride 2

Mischief Makers 2, Sin & Punishment 3 or anything new from Treasure Inc.

Retro Studios game.

New Tales of game.

Baten Kaitos

The Wonderful 101 sequel

Xenoblade Chronicles X2

Pikmin 4

New 2D Mario

Insert some Nintendo IP that hasn't got a new game in a while: _____________________


I hope I can at least delete something from the list this year, maybe Pikmin or Style Savvy.

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These are long shots, but what I really want is a StarFox racing game that kinda mixes the best of Diddy Kong Racing with F-Zero made by Retro Studios and a Pokemon game that borrows elements from Pokemon Go.

Since that'll never happen, maybe a Nintendo vs. Capcom announcement?

Just give me a sick looking brand new IP from Retro and I'd be more than happy enough. Really want them to blow everyone away after such a long wait, and no I don't think Star Fox Grand Prix is that game.

Pokemon gets revealed as not being a gen 1 pandering nostalgia fest.

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Yes! Forgot about that one.