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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What are your most wanted announcements at the Nintendo E3 Direct and Treehouse?

The only announcement that could get a smile on my face is a Mother/Earthbound related one. Be it Mother 3 coming to the west or a collection including all the mother games.

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F-Zero Switch: I've been waiting for a new F-Zero like forever. It's time and Switch is the perfect console for it.

Wave Race Switch: Basically the same here. Switch should enable decent enough water physics for a great Wave Race experience. And Wave Race always had another kind of atmosphere than all other water based racing games i've ever played.

The Adventures of Zelda: Basically a Breath of the Wild spin off. It's time for Zelda to get her own adventure. At least the Zelda we've seen at the end of BotW. Could even be a bit smaller in scale, though maybe more story driven. Zelda is a more fleshed out character than Link already, so more story driven wouldn't be bad.

Pikmin 4: Personally i don't need a reboot. Pikmin 4 should just be less easy than Pikmin 3, maybe have a coop option and a real online multiplayer.

Star Fox: No racing, a real Star Fox. I'd be fine with a Star Fox Zero done right. The Wii U game was outright crap except for a few portions.

New 'mature' IP: Actually i have some hope that Nintendo could do a different kind of 'mature' game than most companies do right now. Yes, something less violent. Something that actuelly surprises.

Gamecube classics: Gamecube had so many games that deserve a rerelease and with Gamecube titles on Nvidia Shield it's definitely time for Gamecube on Switch.

Metroid Prime Gameplay and Metroid: Samus Returns HD for Switch: I really liked Samus Returns, though i don't like playing on my old 3DS that much.

From more realistic things I want to see Pikmin 4, Luigi's Mansion 3 and Metroid Trilogy HD.

Animal Crossing Switch
Mario RPG
Mario Football


Asriel said:
My 'most wanted' are ranked from realistic to unrealistic. Broadly I'm trying to be reasonable, too, rather than expecting or wanting everything absolutely ideal for me.

1) Star Fox: Grand Prix to be real and coming in 2019. I genuinely think this could be a very, very good game if done right.
2) Reveal trailers for Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, coming in 2019
3) September release date for Smash, November release date for Pokemon.
4) Fire Emblem to either be a new title building on elements from Shadows of Valentia, or another Echoes title: a remake of Genealogy of the Holy War. Keeps the aesthetic and animation style from SoV. 2018 release. No ludicrously expensive season pass.
5) Metroid Prime Trilogy HD for Switch. October 2018.
6) One or two of the following: Luigi's Mansion 3, Pikmin 4, Kid Icarus Uprising Sequel, Punch-Out Switch.
7) Link's Awakening remake/spiritual sequel coming to Switch.
8) Retro Studios' second game is a StarTropics reboot: 2019.
9) EarthBound Forever/Mother 4.

This E3 is a weird one because they're keeping the focus on 2018 but there isn't that much room in the calendar - and they don't need any more big-hitters beyond Smash and Pokemon in the final four months of the year. Add Yoshi and Fire Emblem to that release window, plus DLC for games like Xenoblade 2, and I'd expect there'll only be one surprise for later this year - possibly a remaster like Prime Trilogy HD, though my curve-ball option is Link's Awakening 3D/HD cross-platform for 3DS and Switch. The original Luigi's Mansion port might come to Switch, too, though it was only announced for 3DS. Right now between first and third party I'm satisified with what Switch looks likely to have for the remainder of the year.

If they show Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3 and Star Fox: Grand Prix, then that'll be more of a clue of the future line-up than we got last year (Pokemon, Prime 4). Any 2019 announcements beyond that would be surprising but welcome: I've not included it above but Animal Crossing is likely. In terms of games I want but don't expect to be announced (yet) for 2019, I'd love to see Luigi's Mansion 3, Pikmin 4, a new Kid Icarus or Punch-Out.

We should see some third party announcements: some version of CoD seems likely at this point. Ridge Racer 8 and an exclusive Tales of game might also appear.

For shock value 8 and 9 would be amazing!



In my opinion the N64 was not just the best console of the 5th gen but, to this day the best console ever created!

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There's quite a few I'd like to see announced!

Animal Crossing
Metroid Prime Trilogy Remaster (never played any of them)
Mario Party (in the classic style)
Mario & Luigi RPG (Or Paper Mario RPG)
Super Mario Strikers
Diddy Kong Racing (Never going to happen)

Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion Switch


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Fire Emblem releasing in July-September
Pikmin 4 releasing in the same period
Chibi-Robo! - game with a deep story and interesting gameplay, like the first one
More mature Pokemon game (no blood and shit, more in the feel of Colosseum/Gen V)
Mother - (collection of the 3, Mother 3 release or a new one)
1080 Snowboarding - with a big focus on tricks and arcade feel - like SSX Tricky
Mario Party Switch - return to the feel of the Gamecube games, rather than the crap with the car.