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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which of these dormant Nintendo series would you most like to see rebooted?


Which of these dormant Nintendo series would you most like to see rebooted?

Advance Wars 190 13.16%
Excite 25 1.73%
F-Zero 386 26.73%
Golden Sun 214 14.82%
Kid Icarus 142 9.83%
Mother/EarthBound 181 12.53%
Punch-Out!! 71 4.92%
Sin & Punishment 46 3.19%
Wario Land 104 7.20%
Wave Race 85 5.89%

Punch out easily. I loved the one on Wii. I played that game too much back in the day. I would want Kid Icarus to come back as well but Sakurai made Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel-proof in a way.

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pikashoe said:
Advance wars, I was so disappointed that they didn't make one for 3ds. I thought they'd make one after the success of fire emblem awakening.

Advance Wars is my choice too.  In fact if it came down to Advance Wars only or Fire Emblem only, then I would still choose Advance Wars in a heartbeat.  I was kind of disappointed that 3DS got several Fire Emblems and no advance wars.

Mother/Earthbound by far

Punch-Out!! I've always loved that series and a new one would be much appreciated!

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What we all really want is a sequel to Hey Pikachu

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Anything that could replace 3D Zelda for me would be more than welcome. Either StarTropics or Murasame Castle could work really well in that case, each with their own spin on the formula, of course. StarTropics as a "modern day Zelda" and Murasame Castle as a mix of linear 3D Zelda plus some hack'n'slash elements sounds fun (Since the original game was kinda like a fast-paced Zelda and all).

I'd also love to see EarthBound comeback, but not really as a reboot. I'm thinking actual remakes would be better, especially if they remade Mother 1. That one didn't really age that well, and most people (including me) haven't played it anyways.

Duck Hunt as a Banjo-Kazooie clone too.

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F-Zero is far and away the one I want to come back. The last entry on consoles was on the GameCube, and the last entry period was on the GBA 14 years ago. It's long past time for Nintendo to resurrect this series. It was to me the best futuristic racing game series ever. I'd love to see what they could do with the series on the Switch.

Runners-up are Punch-Out, which was always a criminally neglected series, and StarTropics, which I think could be Nintendo's more E-rated answer to third-person adventure titles like Uncharted and Tomb Raider. They haven't touched that one since the NES.

Okay, where's Mother 3 localization Regie ?!!

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Mother. Doesn't need to be connected to the first three, but if done in the same style with a similarly deep, touching, but at the same time humourous story, I'd be all over it.