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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which of these dormant Nintendo series would you most like to see rebooted?


Which of these dormant Nintendo series would you most like to see rebooted?

Advance Wars 190 13.16%
Excite 25 1.73%
F-Zero 386 26.73%
Golden Sun 214 14.82%
Kid Icarus 142 9.83%
Mother/EarthBound 181 12.53%
Punch-Out!! 71 4.92%
Sin & Punishment 46 3.19%
Wario Land 104 7.20%
Wave Race 85 5.89%

F-Zero and Advance Wars

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100% Golden Sun. Make them similar to Tales games with the overworld exploration and graphic style but still keep the turn based combat. I would probably be the happiest person alive if they did this. It’s the only franchise that could dethrone Fire Emblem as my favorite franchise. That’s how much I love those games, but sadly because they aren’t made anymore... yeah. :(

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Kid Icarus already got rebooted and it was amazing
There is so much potential to this franchise...

F-Zero.. guys i swear to god most people voting for this haven't even played a f-zero game or haven't in years. Honestly Starfox GP looks way more promising than a simple action racing F-zero game with weird character cutscenes and horrible character design.

I'll wait for a different list.

Mar1217 said:
Okay, where's Mother 3 localization Regie ?!!

I know a lot of people want a Mother 3 localization, but because the story is so needlessly depressing, and the ending feels like the developers just spit in your face, I could care less.

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Mother by far.

Golden Sun!

You know that thing when you uhhh...and then you...hmmm. But then you have to...umm, Yuh.

Excite Truck on the Wii was one of the best games on the system imo and it was one of the only titles to allow you to play mp3s from the SD card while playing.

Would love to see a Switch remaster of that game or a new title.

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Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda!!!!

Ridiculous list. I’m not voting if Diddy Kong  racing isn’t on there.