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CaptainExplosion said:
Mar1217 said:
Okay, where's Mother 3 localization Regie ?!!

I know a lot of people want a Mother 3 localization, but because the story is so needlessly depressing, and the ending feels like the developers just spit in your face, I could care less.

´Needlessly depressing´ It´s not. It has a depressing beginning and a depressing ending and both are necesary to tell the stor Itoi wanted to tell. The slogan of the franchise was ´there is no crying until the end´ and this was the end. This was supposed to be the last and to end it the ending is what it is. It´s not a spit in your face it´s litereally the way to let you know. ´this is the end, the characters are alive but its done this is it there is nothing left.´ The biggest problem with localizing Mother 3 is the Magypsies and im 100% certain its whats holding Nintendo back from releasing it.