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Forums - Music Discussion - Stairway to Heaven vs November Rain


Stairway to Heaven or November Rain? Which is better?

Stairway to Heaven 36 76.60%
November Rain 11 23.40%

Yeah, journalists are in love with the song for sure. But I have this strong sense that November is actually more popular by the average person. Well, both are loved that's for sure.

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Which one's shorter? That's the better one because you don't have to listen to it for as long

Even when it came out, I wasn't the biggest fan of November Rain. I was more of a "Don't Cry" person.


I don't really consider myself a Led Zeppelin fan. I couldn't name three songs they've made. Meanwhile I loved GNR in their prime. Still gotta go with Stairway to Heaven.

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Stairway to Heaven.

November Rain is also good, but Guns N Roses have better songs.

Seventizz said:
Every year around Christmas a local rock station does a top 1000 rock songs of all time and every year Stairway wins with November fluctuating in the top ten. So I’ve been indoctrinated since childhood with Stairway as the top rock song.

We have something like that here in The Netherlands as well, 2000 songs from Christmas to New Year's non-stop voted for by the public. Numbers 1 through 4 have always been Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, Eagles' Hotel California, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven and Deep Purple's Child in Time, pretty much always in that order. Can't say I disagree with such a top 4 of all-time myself though. November Rain has been in and out of the top 10 since it started here as well.

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Stairway To Heaven sounds epic... I've always found November Rain to be a tad boring... I like both bands, however if there was no Led Zep, there'd be no Guns & Roses...

November Rain. Never been a big fan of Zeppelin.

Ka-pi96 said:
Which one's shorter? That's the better one because you don't have to listen to it for as long

You're embarassing yourself, dude.

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Definitely November Rain for me. Even though I'm a rocker, never was really into Zeppelin.

There's a few on this list provided by Google that I don't really agree with, but there's no real denying that Stairway to Heaven is likely always going to be either top or in the top 5.

November Rain, while a special song, never really manages to push itself above GnR's other big hits. Sweet Child O' Mine, Paradise City or Welcome to the Jungle.