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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - What are your most wanted announcements at the Microsoft E3 press conference?

Probably unlikely, but I'd love a Killer Instinct sequel.

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A sequel to Conker would be awesome.

Alan Wake 2. I would buy an Xbox One for this game alone.

that hololens tech was cool, whatever happened to it?

also a kart game made by rare wouldnt be too bad.

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If they release a perfect dark i could be interested on a xbox.Maybe.

Is there a possibility that we get a Ninja Gaiden from the same guy that led development for the original on Xbox?

If it is possible, then it is my most anticipated announcement. Even a proper remaster with today's graphics would be my most anticipated announcement.

I'd love a remake of CBFD more faithful to the N64 original.

Most wanted? My dream E3 would be:

-MS working with Nintendo to bring Achievements to the Switch
-Switch using M$ cloud
-Gears of War 5 (with an actual good story)
-Kameo 2. It's been thirteen years, dammit!!!
-Conker 2
-Purchase of some defunct company with beloved franchises.

-VR headset for Xbox One X!!

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