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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: Days Gone - New Gameplay [Game Informer]

- Been in development for five years
-First idea after making Uncharted Golden Abyss
-More than 100 developers, team size has doubled since 2016
-Picks up several years after a pandemic has ravaged the US.
-People infected by virus are simply called "infected" by NERO(National Response Organization)
-NERO operated 12 checkpoints for quarantining and processing people, but now abandoned
-Deacon has a mercenary friend named Boozer
-Plot is about surviving, not finding a cure
-Stealing Boozer's stuff will make him upset, which will effect your relationship
-Five encampments in the world which Deacon goes between, has to forge relationships
-Have to clear out locations to unlock fast travel
-Weapons look worn down because of the rain
-Larger towns to explore
-Weapons lockers and safehouses which refill ammo
-Deacon can scout camps with binoculars
-Deacon is the enforcer of a biker club called the Mongrels
-Bike is completely upgradeable with cosmetic upgrades such as paint jobs. Can increase fuel efficiency and durability, swap out tires based on weather
-Can ambush camps
-Shotguns, sniper rifles, molotov cocktails, pistols, LMGs, grenades, napalm
-Freaker-ear bounties, hunting animals, camps to clear
-Flashback missions where you learn about Deacon's past with Sarah
-Ambush camps are bad, encampments are good
- Ambush camps will attack you roadside(marauders)
-Freakers are drawn to dark places such as tunnels and will make nests
-Only way to clear freaker nests is via molotovs, gas cans, oil drums
-Deacon has "survival vision" which highlights items of interest, can be upgraded to highlight enemies
-Deacons stamina, health, time slowdown are upgradable
-Radio towers that you can climb
-No fetch quests or time trials, everything has context
-Hordes are scattered throughout the world.
-300 zombie hoard is a "baby hoard" , E3 2016 demo had 500
-Photomode confirmed (kinda)
-You can keep playing the game after you finish
-Golden Path story mode takes 30 hours
-Bike customization includes, paintjobs, speed upgrades, muffler upgrades and other stuff
-Alot of collectibles and loot
-Composer is Nathan Whitehead who did the music for The Purge
-The currency in the game is camp credits.
-Massive metropolitan areas in the game.
-You build up encampments in the game.
-Their are dogs in the game
-The game is broken up into chapters.
-Game comes out early 2019.
-The Ravager which is the bear is a regular enemy

Does the world really need another zombie game? That’s one of the many questions we had before heading to Sony Bend Studio’s offices in Oregon to check out Days Gone. After spending a couple of days playing the game and gaining a deeper understanding of what the studio is trying to accomplish, we came back with an enthusiastic yes. You face a massive undead threat, but they’re just part of the dangerous open-world ecology. Virtually everything in this dark vision of the Pacific Northwest wants to separate you from your life. Fortunately, you have the tools you need to survive – including your fully upgradable motorcycle.

In the June issue of Game Informer, we packed 14 pages with exclusive details and developer insight from that trip, including an extensive look at how Sony Bend is working to breathe life not only into the zombie apocalypse, but open-world games in general.

Sony has shown off Days Gone at E3 over the past couple of years, but we didn’t fully appreciate what Sony Bend is doing until after we played it ourselves. We learned more about the game’s biker protagonist, Deacon St. John, and his broken world – and experienced some of the brutal lengths he’s willing to go in order to keep his friends safe. We also have a better understanding of how exploration, story, and action interlock to tell what could be one of the genre’s most consistent narrative experiences.


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Still showing strong promise. Keeping patient for 2018. Maybe another Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War similar release window.

"Does the world really need another zombie game? "


Right. After a zillion zombie games - and a zillion more to come for sure -, we finally start to pose the question if we need another zombie game. 


Btw. that aint zombies in Days Gone. They re called freakers. :P

Hunting Season is done...

Sony is doing a great job keeping all their games in the spotlight.


The PS5 Exists. 

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Aaaaawwwwww yeah. Super hyped for this!

Looks like temporal anti-aliasing is being used in this title.

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normally this means we aren't that far away from release date😉

One of only a few games currently announced that I'm looking forward to.


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