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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware 21 April 2018

Intrinsic said:
This doesn't seem right......

PS4 sold less than 250k in GOW week?

It has been constantly down lately, so that wouldn't surprise me (if numbers are close to 250k). We know for sure it didn't impact Japan, so that might be holding it back WW.

OP: This might be the best year hardware-wise of the past few years. I'm curious to see how it will go down in the end.

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That couldn't be the right numbers for PS4, but maybe it is. With so many PS4s out there already, maybe the majority of GoW fans already have one and just picked up the game itself?

FentonCrackshell said:
These threads seemed ro have lost people’s interest as the PS4 keeps winning on a weeky basis. Fewer replies eqch week. Watch ehat happens once PS4 loses a week.

Nah, its not because PS4 is on top its more like the fact that every week is the exact same.

PS4 sells a certain amount, NSW sells a bit under PS4, XBO sells half of NSW, 3DS sells half of XBO, Vita sells barely anything.

There really isnt anything to discuss about these numbers that havent been said in the last 2 months.

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Megiddo said:

37k ROTW for PS4
35k ROTW for Switch

PS4 used to have a 2:1 ratio compared to Switch for ROTW. What is causing that to change?

Incorrect vgchartz numbers most likley. There is 0 chance that the Switch is as popular as the PS4 in RotW.

I guess Labo helped the Switch to stay near 200k!

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Mystro-Sama said:
Whats with PS4 sales in Japan?

Supply constraint. 

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Id guess it did more with god of war.

Mystro-Sama said:
Whats with PS4 sales in Japan?

Golden week in Japan. 

Jranation said:
I guess Labo helped the Switch to stay near 200k!

Nintendo Labo Sold Only 30% of Initial Shipment in Japan; Didn’t Push Switch Sales

While I didn't expect as much for this week than most others probably, I still do feel it's a bit low for the PS4. I think 260-280k would have been more correct, with the baseline dropping below 200k after GW in Japan