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Forums - Politics Discussion - Polygon Interview: Toxic Masculinity In Video Games (Ugh)


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I know the devs always want to be nice but they really should just answer something like this with:

"You shouldn't be looking to God of War games for lessons on how to raise your children. Look elsewhere for that."

When having an interview with polygon, kotaku and other sjw sites, directors should watch some petterson videos to be prepared to how answer. Also record the interview to make sure they will no publish lies or take your words out of context. You need to be prepared for this type of people.

People so quick to shit on Cory when the game isn’t even about that. But this is what polygon does. This is how they get their clicks. Polygon can go bankrupt for all I care. Hope the decent people are able to find a job as for the others nah

Toxic masculinity from fictional chracters. Lemme guess no one have an issue with Lara Croft masculinity?

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Aeolus451 said:
SJWs are bat shit crazy and they will likely be responsible for creating a progressive totalitarian government in the near future. ugh. 😽

see what is going on in the UK right now. 

psn- tokila

add me, the more the merrier.

Mar1217 said:
*Sigh* Sure, the interviewer used a poor choice of words which lead to this murderous article.

But man, can people stop putting SJW's in the same group as all other femisnist activists ? You're furttering the stigmatisation on everybody else who isn't part of this utter mess.

how about the so called "other feminist activist" start being the first ones to purge this type of cancerous ideas and people propagating them from their core instead of complaining when others do it in their stead?

fucking tired of these whiners trying to dictate how artists are or aren't allowed to express themselves

and this is coming from an actual progressive who believes in the strive for equality of opportunity for all

I thought he was going to go on about people being toxic in the rocket league chat in which case I'd be guilty lol

I don't get what the freakout is here. I've not played the new God of War, but even just based on the promotional material I've seen for the game, it very much appears to me that the father-son dynamic is at its heart. Why is not okay for the director to be interviewed about the point of that dynamic in the game? I mean are we just not supposed to talk about themes in video games? Or is the very idea of a character like Kratos being (apparently) rendered more multi-dimensional than in the past somehow a problem in its own right? I mean what precisely is the triggering mechanism here?

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TranceformerFX said:
Arminillo said:

Keep in mind that is the only question? It's actually starting to make me sick that everyone is coming to conclusions without reading the excerpt, so here it is:

Toxic masculinity isn't anymore of a problem than toxic feminism.


You made some very good points but this wasn’t one of them.


On Topic, I’m not sure why Polygon felt the need to bash God of War when the game and its fans have never been problematic. Gaming’s biggest social downfall comes from some of the vile twerps playing online shooters, not from barely-covered breasts in RPGs or male-centric adventure games. It’s shocking that it’s 2018 and society still doesn’t grasp how harmless video games are.