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Forums - Politics Discussion - Polygon Interview: Toxic Masculinity In Video Games (Ugh)

Tulipanzo said:
o_O.Q said:

your whole post is invalidated by your failure to define what toxic masculinity is

I use this cool site called Google, very helpful with finding stuff, highly recommended 

It's only as good as the links you look at. It's very easy to find a feminist circle jerk website by doing a search on toxic masculinity. It's one of their favorite things to bitch about with no proof. Did you bother to look at any objective source with studies sourced?

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Not sure how this thread has been up for six days, has 90 posts, and that OP still looks like that. Seems to be a pretty cut and dry violation of thread creation/posting rules. At least give a few quotes and somewhat of a response. Not that I care for the subject or its obvious response from this community, but a pace should have standards even when playing at the bottom of a barrel.