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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - IGN Nintendo LABO review (6.9)


Your LABO review

1 4 15.38%
2 1 3.85%
3 3 11.54%
4 5 19.23%
5 1 3.85%
6 0 0%
7 0 0%
8 5 19.23%
9 3 11.54%
10 4 15.38%
Kerotan said:
6.9 too much water makes cardboard soggy.

Anyway metacritic is 77 atm so that games seems average enough. Nothing special but not bad either.

Just posted that soggy cardboard joke myself, great minds think alike :)

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I don't buy this "if you don't like it then you don't have imagination" thing. If you have imagination then you don't need to follow someone else's blueprint. I turned all my action figures into a connected superhero universe, where I gave each of them new powers and backstories. I had my own "gear" to wear that was mostly scavenged from other toys, assorted sticks, and broken tools.

Kids not being interested doesn't necessarily mean they lack imagination. It might just mean that they think a backpack-based Bowflex machine is lame.

Considering that they´re reviewing it from a videogame experience, that´s not a surprising score.

Anyway, I´ve seen plenty of positive Labo reviews around the internet. It seems some people did not understand the concept that this product is , at this core, more a toy than a videogame.

Is that what the children scored it?

meh i shall say again me and my kids will love this and No I do not expect them to play with it endlessly.