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Forums - Gaming Discussion - ITT, we give subtitles to games that simply recycle titles

Sometime in the mid-00's, game publishers decided that instead of making new titles when they made new games in a series, they could just reuse the same title used by another game in the series.

Now, sometimes reusing an old title can make sense. The game could be a reboot or a remake, or even the followup of a game from decades ago. But in general, this sort of thing leads to confusion. Like, if I said "I  don't like "Sonic the Hedgehog," what could I be referring to? It could be the entire game series, the 1991 original for the Genesis/Megadrive, the Game Gear counterpart released a few months later, the notoriously bad platforming game released in 2006 on November 14, or the OTHER poorly received platformer released on the exact same day, which is a remake of the first game mentioned in this sentence!

So in this topic, I'd like to talk about games that just reuse titles and the subtitles we think might have made them better.


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Wow ... this is a really good thread idea! Like, this could end up being a classic due to the ensuing hilarity. Too bad I can't think of any  

Here are a couple.


Doom (2016)

Subtitle: The Road to Hell

Reasoning: Thus far, there have not been many main series Doom games. Entries have mostly either had a number (Doom 3) or a single word modifier (Final Doom). The chief exception is Doom II: Hell on Earth. "Hell on Earth" carries a double meaning, since it both refers to a bad situation and the game's actual plot, where demons invade Earth. The Road to Hell would do something similar. Not only does it literally describe Hell and methods of going there, it is part of the idiom "The Road to Hell is filled with Good Intentions." This references the game's plot, where well meaning researchers try to solve the energy crisis using Hell Energy.


Mortal Kombat (2011)

Subtitle: Shao Kahn's Legacy

Reasoning: The premise of the game is that Shao Kahn, the recurring antagonist of the series who was largely absent at points, has emerged victorious, forcing one of the protagonists to go back to the era of the classic games. Not only is he the main antagonist in this game, but the game hearkens back to the height of his prominence. So this game refers to Shao Kahn, the force behind the story, and the "Legacy" of the series, particularity its roots.


Tomb Raider (2013)

Subtitle: Origins

Reasoning: I'm a bit unsure about this one. It's a reboot that goes back to Lara Croft's early days, so Origins should be an obvious pick. But this isn't even the first reboot of the series. The previous one was about seven years earlier! Put this one down as tentative.

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God of War Child Abuse Edition (2018)

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God of War Sexy Lumberjack: Featuring some Kid

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Need for Speed : Failing Actor's Showcase

Yes, have been asking for that for GoW since it was announced.
Simply give it a subtitle to make it easily stand as something else.
Remakes are fine, tho.

Final Fantasy VII: Turn-Based Sucks, Anyway

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I'm guessing numbered sequels count too?



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RespectDecena said:
God of War Sexy Lumberjack: Featuring some Kid

This title makes me uneasy.

Azuren said:
Final Fantasy VII: Turn-Based Sucks, Anyway

Heresy, some would say.