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Sometime in the mid-00's, game publishers decided that instead of making new titles when they made new games in a series, they could just reuse the same title used by another game in the series.

Now, sometimes reusing an old title can make sense. The game could be a reboot or a remake, or even the followup of a game from decades ago. But in general, this sort of thing leads to confusion. Like, if I said "I  don't like "Sonic the Hedgehog," what could I be referring to? It could be the entire game series, the 1991 original for the Genesis/Megadrive, the Game Gear counterpart released a few months later, the notoriously bad platforming game released in 2006 on November 14, or the OTHER poorly received platformer released on the exact same day, which is a remake of the first game mentioned in this sentence!

So in this topic, I'd like to talk about games that just reuse titles and the subtitles we think might have made them better.


Love and tolerate.