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Forums - Gaming Discussion - God of War is the most hyped PS4 exclusive game thus far, will it outsell Horizon?

It will easily outsell Horizon.

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The hype is so massive and the reviews so good, that it sure will.

Starting to look like it will

pitzy272 said:
Some insiders on resetera have suggested it’s heading towards becoming the best selling ps4 exclusive, so that means it’ll not only outsell Horizon, but Uncharted 4 as well.

agree, seems god of war will be the best ps4 exclusive so far, naturally we must say with a bigger userbase...

Yeah it'll outsell Horizon.

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"will it outsell Horizon?"

It looks like it will to me atleast.

Previously I've thought it would sell slightly under horizon, but I've changed my mind.

I think God of War is going to take first week, first month, first year, and ltd amoung the current exclusives.

Horizon had hype, but it was also a new series. Uncharted 4 had the development issues, which swayed some, and left others sitting on the fence.

God of War seems to have everything lined up perfect. Cory coming back kicked off huge excitement amoung the fanbase, the move to the new gameplay style seems to have excited a whole new group of people. The move to norse mythology has reached to a new group of people as well. Finally, the new story diection seems to have really excited a lot of people as well.

It looks like the have nailed it in every aspect, making the core fans happy, while exciting many who never liked the series before. If Hypes translates to sales, then I think GOW is going to do some mighty impressive numbers.

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Yes it will

It will absolutely outsell Horizon. Question is will it outsell Uncharted 4.

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