Forums - Sony Discussion - Do you think God of War will boost ps4 sales above MHW launch week of 408k.

Ps4 will hit over 408k on GOW release week or the week followong

Yes 30 56.60%
No 17 32.08%
Unsure. 6 11.32%
Comments, other, middle America... 0 0.00%

If so by how much? I'm not sure where to set the average sales and for how long of a period to contrast off, of because of Jan sales and other releases this year that might have affected it. Averaging it might not be the best metric either so...

Lets assume the highest selling week (Monter hunter launch week) is correct, at 408,000 units which I think it's pretty safe to say it did with 355k the next week and holding that steady the week following.


Do you think GOW will see a boost greater than this? Do you think it'll keep jt boosted more than the initial week or do you think eveeyone who'll buy GOW already has a ps4?And as it's nearly May and not coming off of the January sales slump what do you think would be the best metric to evenly judge a boost in Hardware sales following GOWs release?


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Nah, i think most people that want GOW already have a PS4, modest boost to hw, i think less than 100k boost ww.

I think the limited editiom GOW Pro bundle will help

god of war will boost the hardware sales for sure, there is a bundle too, by how much we have to see...but i think it could be on the same level like mhw did

they will boost them but it wont be MHW level

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Nah I think PS4 will sell 280-300k GoW4 week which is pretty good for an April week.

No, God of War probably won't sell that well in Japan so ps4 will lose out on those sales, and i don't think the US or European boost will be enough to make that up. I think it will be in the 350k+ range though.

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Referencing another thread is the question of whether or not PS4 can reach 80 million by June. With God of War sitting at 77.6 million. Meaning I need it to achieve 2.4 million by June or in 9 weeks @ 267,000 per week world wide. Last week obviously commingled of on 243k as of 31 March is going to make that a challenge for sure. But that's all dependent in the boost it gets from God of War and Detroit. So at the moment I need my peak numbers for the week of God of Wars launch to reach 267,000 and that change in the coming weeks before and after God of War launch.

loy310 said:
Nah, i think most people that want GOW already have a PS4, modest boost to hw, i think less than 100k boost ww.

I think that's about right.  This is an established Sony franchise.  Most fans of the series already own a PS4.   The strong reviews will certainly more more than zero PS4s.  A noticeable number, maybe.  Huge, no.  

I'm new to the series.  I was on the fence, but the universally high review scores have basically guaranteed that I'll pick the game up this week.  I already own a PS4 though.  If I didn't, I don't think I would buy one just for this game.  

You would think, but then again the install base is so big now it's hard to say how much of a boost any particular software will give. I'm one person who just got a PS4 primarily because of GoW though. But I got it on ebay, so I won't be representing any new sales.