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Forums - Sales Discussion - Which company is going to win holidays in the US? EDIT: Poll added


Which company is going to sell the most hardware?

Sony 49 45.37%
Nintendo 56 51.85%
Microsoft 3 2.78%

Yeah,hard to answer that when we don't know their holiday lineup yet. My vote so far is going to Switch. With Smash Bros and if Nintendo manage to release Pokemon this year it will be freaking huge.

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PEEPer0nni said:

Sony has a marketing deal with objectively the biggest game releasing this year. RDR2 is going to be the most successful 3rd party deal this generation. Another big game from Sony is Spiderman releasing September 7th. Sony is ensuring this game will have long legs and mindshare during the holidays by releasing 2 movies in this universe alongside: Venom (13 Oct), Spiderverse (7 Dec).

Which company is going to dominate the holidays in your opinion? 

EDIT: I'm talking about hardware sales.

i understand. The PlayStation 4 (Sony) this year AND holidays, because: God of War, Spiderman, Red Dead Redemption 2, the new Call of Duty (and Battlefield?!), Ni No Kuni 2, Dragon Quest XI, Kingdom Hearts 3, Detroit Become Human and many other interesting titles. All big games for fans of the genre and many newcomers will buy a PS4 then, i think.

LipeJJ said:

I'd say let's wait until E3. We'll know all plans for the rest of the year from all 3 companies + third parties.

Especially Nintendo who seem to be keeping a lot of plans close to the chest.

I think it will be competitive this year, but thinking right now Sony has a bit of an edge with its 2018 line up.

Well first what are we considering the Holidays? All of Q4 or just Nov+Dec?

And my current answer.........Sega :-}

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Probably PS4 if they mark it down to 150-200 like they did last year. Can't beat cheap. But if Animal Crossing and Smash do indeed release this year and Nintendo does have ample stock, I'd give it to Nintendo. While COD does great software sales, at this point in PS4's life, it's not going to do a hell of a lot for hardware. Most of the audience who plays COD probably has a PS4 already. There's a lot of determining factors, but I'll hold my definite answer until after E3, think this one's gonna be interesting on all 3 platforms.

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Sony will take it. They have the perfect third-party line-up. I don’t think Pokemon will be 2018 and I doubt Nintendo will win a holiday until 2019, although I’m rooting for them.

Too early to say, but Nintendo has a great chance:

- 2nd Switch holiday: there's a chance that, unlike previous year, Switch will have some kind of deal in November, which would boost it's performance in November. In December Nintendo is really strong.
- Sony has spread its games during all year. RDR2 is a very big title (and will probably be the biggest seller overall), but Nintendo could stack pretty big hitters (SSB, Pokémon?, Animal Crossing?) in Q3-4, which would offset RDR2 effect.

Of course it all depends on what games will be announced this E3.

Nintendo quite easily if I might add. Nintendo in general has stronger sales during the holidays, while Playstation sounds well over the year, their sales rarely spike the way like Nintendo systems can, especially in December.

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zorg1000 said:
quickrick said:

Well you are forgetting that GTAV sold 35-40 million on 360/ps3. i'm sure many of those fans didn't double dip, also RDR2 i's the first true next gen rock star in 5 years, it will sell a shit load of  consoles.

batman gave a huge boost to ps4 sales in june, and thats wasn't even a ps4 exclusive, so if spider tuns out to be great, expect a much bigger boost, and if it's bundles and has great advertising  it will huge.  

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Rockstar Games of the last decade dont seem to move alot of consoles despite selling a ton.



Yes, Batman gave a strong boost which will be over 3 years by the time Spider Man releases. A ton of open-world action/adventure games have released since then so the impact wont be as high.

you think a game that sales 90 million copies doesn't sell a lot of consoles? it sales a ton, don't look at first month sales, there tons of factors that go into do this. 

This seems really early. Anyway, Sony seems like a good bet.