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Forums - General Discussion - VGC's Most Attractive User 2018 - Final

3p - Amy (blurry picture aside )
2p - Nymeria (I'll second the killer smile comment)
1p - LipeJJ (sorry, but you are up against females)

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3) LipeJJ
2) Nymeria
1) Amy

Ugh. Sorry ladies. In the end, I have to follow my orientation. xD

3P - LipeJJ
2P - Amy
1P - Nymeria

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

3P - LipeJJ
2P - Nymeria
1P - PwerlvlAmy

Lipes using professional quality photography to win!

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3P - Nymeria (athletic girls are too hard to resist...)
2P - LipeJJ
1P - PwrlvlAmy

3p - Nymeria
2p - Amy
1p - LipeJJ

3p - PwerlvlAmy
2p - Nymeria
1p - LipeJJ

NNID: Dongo8                              XBL Gamertag: Dongos Revenge

3p - Nymeria
2p - Lipe
1p - Amy

3p - Nymeria
2p - PwerlvlAmy
1p - LipeJJ