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Forums - General Discussion - VGC's Most Attractive User 2018 - Final

3p. Nymeria
2p. LipeJJ
1p. Amy

(All great, of course.)

Bet with PeH: 

I win if Arms sells over 700 000 units worldwide by the end of 2017.

Bet with WagnerPaiva:


I win if Emmanuel Macron wins the french presidential election May 7th 2017.

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This is by far the hardest round I've voted in, so I flipped a coin again... all fantastic pictures by the way!

3p - PwerlvlAmy
2p - Nymeria
1p - LipeJJ

3p - PwerlvlAmy
2p - Nymeria
1p - LipeJJ

Damn all three look good.. its just unfair

3p - Nymeria
2p - PwerlvlAmy
1p - LipeJJ

3p Lipe
2p Nymeria
1p Amy

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3p- LipeJJ
2p- PwerlvlAmy
1p- Nymeria

You all look great and I hope that this will not end here. A tiebreaker finale would be sweet!

3p- PwerlvlAmy (Slarvax fixed the pic!)
2p- Nymeria (The fitness thread gym goer!)
1p- LipeJJ (You are a dude!, also would have liked more of the body like the ladies above :D )


We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

Send a Friend Request On PSN :P

3p- Amy
2p- Nymeria
1p- Lipe

Undisputed Gamer BAY BAY 

3p - LipeJJ
2p - Nymeria
1p - Amy

All beautiful people!

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