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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your opinion on Telltale Games right now?

I've enjoyed TWAU the most out of their games. Second would be Batman.

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I don't play them, I just watch them on youtube like they are a television series, by someone doing a lets play that is funny and does some commentary.

The gameplay sucks, but the story is good and sometimes funny.

They let the success of TWD Season 1 get to their head.

I haven't played any of their more recent releases. I have heard, a fair amount, that they have become lazy, and half-ass their games to the point the technical hiccups are almost unacceptable. Played Tales Of Monkey Island in 2010 I believe. Really liked it! Then next, the first season of The Walking Dead in summer 2013. Was good! But way too sad. Fuck sadness in my entertainment. Spring 2014, Back To The Future: The Game. My least favorite, but still liked it! Then in summer of 2014, I played ep 1-4 of Sam And Max: The Devils Playhouse. I liked it! Have to finish ep 5 some day. I also have The Wolf Among Us x2 on Vita and PS4, but haven't played them. My stance as of now is to approach anything they make with caution, despite enjoying every previous game I tried.

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Same as its always been. Not for me.

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Overrated trash. They were never good games in the first place, except for their easy platinum trophies, but even to get that was a boring slog.

love their games for one reason, they are quick and easy to platinum.

The first one (in 2010?) felt so fresh and original, then it got old with season 2. I tried The Wolf Among Us but couldn't get into it.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

I don't like episodic games so I never !iked that dev.

I recently wrote what i think of them in a recent "Most overrated games ever etc" thread, so i'll just copy that. I'll add though that i've played a lot of them as some been available in the past as Games with Gold offerings. I recently started their Back to the Future game, and what a spark contrast their early games were compared to post-Walking Dead ones. The game can be really boring due to some shody plot points, but they really tried in regards to gameplay. There's a lot of interesting puzzles that required the player to actually think, and big areas to explore with lots of things to interact with. Goes to show how Walking Dead changed their ways. Here's what i said in the aforementioned thread:

"How anyone can truly like them is beyond me. Dialogue is forced, there's more annoying characters than interesting ones. Gameplay is pretty much non existant. Story seems to be written on a "we'll think it up as we go" basis, with super contrived situations and choices that doesn't really matter. The graphics are just ugly and lazy. Animation is one of the worse i've ever seen in a game, and since watching people talking is pretty much what you'll be doing the entire game, there's no excuse for them being that bad. Just hire another animator, i've seen SFM videos better animated than these games, and they were not being paid. Then there's the crashes, constant stutters, corrupted saves, graphical and audio issues, etc. Their engine is trash, but i bet it's easy to program and they're too lazy to get out of their comfort zone to try a better engine. Even the latest version looks like shit and have the same technical issues. They're probably not good at optimizing it for different systems.

And i know they're a small studio. That's not a excuse for their laziness. There's a lot of small studios doing great things (like A4) simply because they care