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What Will The Review Scores Be?

9 - 10 44 61.97%
8 - 9 20 28.17%
7 - 8 4 5.63%
Lower 3 4.23%
Show Me The Scores So Far 0 0.00%


Edit: Reading the other predictions I'm actually one of the most optimistic ones, I thought everyone would be saying 95-96 lol

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88, because of some click baiting reviews

Since GOW is a PS exclusive I'm expecting more fault-finder, nitpicky, overly critical reviews than usual.


I think it's going to get the same score as Horizon, 89.

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84 without a shadow of a doubt.

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95 or higher, it's a very ambitious game, it's the next Breath of the Wild for different reasons.


I will go with 90.

I predict it will have a 89.

Will you be doing a table with all of the predictions?