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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: GOW - Predict The Metacritic Score


What Will The Review Scores Be?

9 - 10 44 61.97%
8 - 9 20 28.17%
7 - 8 4 5.63%
Lower 3 4.23%
Show Me The Scores So Far 0 0%


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I'm going with 88. Whoever thinks lower than 8 is crazy.


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if it was only on switch then 98, but its not, so 94

I made a double prediction two months ago with 92MC and 15+ million sales:

Predicted 15+ million lifetime-sales for God of War:

87 seems right. A lot of high scores from some, a lot of low scores because of toxic masculinity or something will even it out

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I’m predicting 93. Hopefully it gets a 90+. That’d be insane for PS4 to have 6 unique exclusives in the 90+ range. 

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have high hopes in this games, i will go with 93


I'll go with 89.
Reviewers expecting the same old GoW formula will b somewht dissapointed.


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