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What Will The Review Scores Be?

9 - 10 44 61.97%
8 - 9 20 28.17%
7 - 8 4 5.63%
Lower 3 4.23%
Show Me The Scores So Far 0 0.00%

I think once it's out for a couple weeks, the Metacritic avg will be 87. I highly doubt it will go over 90.

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91 tho its not a nintendo game so there will be nit picking. so gonna make an another guess at 88 for safety 

I got this strong feeling that it's going to get a 95.

im going with a 90


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Pinkie_pie said:
id be surprised if its above 90. horizon was almost the perfect game yet it only got 89. im guessing 86-90 similar score to horizon

I feel the same way, i thought Horizon was a 90+ game (i could have seen the game anywhere between 90 - 92) yet it still couldnt enter that zone, i have the feeling that in order for GOW to enter the 90+ range it needs to be more than just great, it has to break the mold in some way.

I haven't played the game so I can not say.

4 ≈ One

Between 86 and 91

94! The thing that is going to hurt the scoring is that some some critics don't use a half a point scaling. For instance Push Square might not believe it is a full 10/10 and can't give it Nine and a half out of Ten because they just don't do reviews this way. Thus giving it a Nine. So in regards if reviewers that low scale, and rightfully they should review critically like they always do here with no special treatment. I believe that the lowest it will get is a 92. I like what I am seeing with it so far. I think they made really great game, and are pushing the boundaries of gaming to whole other level.