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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: GOW - Predict The Metacritic Score


What Will The Review Scores Be?

9 - 10 44 61.97%
8 - 9 20 28.17%
7 - 8 4 5.63%
Lower 3 4.23%
Show Me The Scores So Far 0 0%


i think previews have been pretty positive, and the footage looks good.

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I think it will be 93, i think reviewers will compare it to the rest of the franchise and in turn boost the score.

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Reviewers seem to love these narrative games. So much talk about emotion already in previews.

I read recently there are Metroidvania elements like in the new Tomb Raider games, that has me excited. It seems very Darksider-ish.

91! Let's GO!

Not sure .... 89-90 seems about right.

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Hope it can get more if it deserves, as it looks like.

91, all the main games of the franchise have gotten a 90+ this won't be the exception


I'm gonna go all the way up to 94! :D Looks spectacular!

This is a hard one. I can really see this going all the way up to 95.... but I can also see it going down to 91. For now, I'll say 93.