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Here is DF's latest Analysis for Far Cry 5.

I haven't got the game yet, I plan on picking it up soon on my PC.

For those Console only gamers, here's there Video.

It seems Ubisoft has done a great job with this game.


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Shame the standard X1 has some performance issues, albeit fairly minor. Perhaps they're pushing resolution a bit too much or it needs to be optimized a little better.

Meanwhile the X1X is incredibly well optimized. I wasn't expecting a locked 4K. I doubt this could do 60 fps but unlocked frame rate would be a nice option.

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Very good for people who settle for 30 fps shooters. Personally I prefer 60 fps and above in 1080p or 1440p, so I'll get the PC version.

Conina said:
Very good for people who settle for 30 fps shooters. Personally I prefer 60 fps and above in 1080p or 1440p, so I'll get the PC version.

Same, however i should be able to run this at 4k close to 60.. 

The game looks good and is fun but I've been having slow loading times/game freezing for a bit. Likely some performance issues or something. I hope they patch that soon.

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xbox one x 2160 (4k)
Xbox one s 1440x 1080
PS4pro 1620p ?
PS4 1920x1080?

ps4pro vs xbox on x :
"findings slightly unexpected, no visiable differnces in terms of details, object pop-ins exactly the same time & distance from the player on both systems,"

He notes he incountered a xbox one x, texture glitch/bug.

But he repeatedly mentions how 4k allows you to notice details futher out on the Xbox One X.
loading times are ~3 sec faster on the xbox one x.

In terms of ranking:
Xbox One X > PS4Pro > PS4 > Xbox One S

All systems seem rock solid 30fps.

Seems like they did a good job with Far Cry 5.
Far Cry4 on the PS3/Xb360 was often in the low 20's fps wise.

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Wow, the game does look great, better than I expected.

Looks glorious on my Scorpio. And when I’m done I have Doom with a Scorpio patch waiting for me.

Sounds like what gamers should have reasonably expected (once those texture glitches are patched out for X1X).

4 ≈ One

No VR version, no buy. It wouldn't work anyway, no locked 60fps.