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Forums - General Discussion - VGC's Most Attractive User 2018 - Semifinals - 2

the finals is looking to be an epic showddown

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For guys, I always go back and forth on how I score them. Most the time I look at them and think how happy I would be having their face. Sometimes I vote based off on how I think my female friends would vote. It often matches up but not always. This is one of those rounds.

4p Nymeria
3p Axumblade
2p ArchangelMaddzz
1p Flilix

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My Real Redneck friends

test finished.

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I win if Arms sells over 700 000 units worldwide by the end of 2017.

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I win if Emmanuel Macron wins the french presidential election May 7th 2017.

That's a tough round! I went back and forth on who to put where since you could all individually get the 4p spot.  

4p ArchangelMaddz

3p Nymeria

2p Axumblade

1p Filix

4p Nym
3p Axum
2p Arch
1p Flilix

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4p - Nymeria
3p - ArchangelMadzz
2p - Axumblade
1p - Flilix

Thanks again for any support and best of luck to other members. Whoever wins this sets up an great final.

What a mad Semi final, happy to have gotten this far considering the crazy rounds I've been involved in, especially that first round!

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4p - Nymeria
3p - Flilix
2p - Axum
1p - Arch

Tough round...hopefully not ruining this voting right at the end

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4p - Flilix

3p - Axumblade

2p - Nymeria

1p - ArchangelMadzz


All are very pretty anyway. 10/10 would have an orgy with them four.