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Forums - Sony Discussion - 20% Off PSN code

I was able to get a code as well. Curious though, do these stack? My g/f got a code as well. Can you use 2 codes on a purchase for a total of 40% off?

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Xen said:
Conina said:
Where do I enter the 10-digit code for the 20%?

PS Store needs 12-digit-codes.


10-digit for discount. 12-digit for a balance code (you know, from a prepaid PSN card).

Last time I used a discount code, I had to simply enter it on checkout.

Ah, found it:


think-man said:
:( I want to be sad that it's only American. But I'm also happy that I saved my wallet some major damage.

You just need an US account with a fake address, there is no IP check. You can fill your wallet with PSN gift codes at, even with credit cards of other parts of the world. I still had $15 in my PSN US wallet and added $10 for around €8, so I could buy moss for $24 (less than €20)  with that code.

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Pachofilauri said:
fuuuuuck i bough Ni No Kuni yesterday :(

Was my first though until I read that its only for NA.

Xen said:
Bristow9091 said:

Just going by what it said when I tried to log in;

Well, it is more like...

Code valid in US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Paraguay, Honduras, Bolivia, Uruguay, Nicaragua. it seems like it is valid in NA, and a good chunk of SA as well.

Well, I guess we know at least what the territorial ambitions are the US are!

Blood_Tears said:
I was able to get a code as well. Curious though, do these stack? My g/f got a code as well. Can you use 2 codes on a purchase for a total of 40% off?

I highly doubt the codes are stackable.

@op Nice little deal. I might make use of it, so theeenks.

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Nice find Intrinsic.

I just used it to get Elite: Dangerous. Yes, I know I only saved $2.40, but there's no other game I'd rather buy
right now. Besides, I loved playing the original Elite on my ole C64. If it sucks, at least I'm only out $9.59, no big loss.

Thanks for the heads up. Got the code in waiting for when I purchase my next game.

Thanks, will use for God of War.

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Thanks for savings tip. 👍

sweetness, not sure what ill use it on.

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