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Forums - General Discussion - 4K Television

I see some are getting under 500, is it time to get one? I'm still on 1080p, Really don't want to invest in a television because better TV's will keep dropping in price.


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It depends on what kind of 4K TV you want. Are you fine with LCD? Then yes. Do you want to wait for OLED or QLED/whatever else before diving in? Then I'd wait longer.

It's time to get a new TV when your current one stops working.

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Not under $500, no.

Don't get OLED. The burn in risk is too high to justify.

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RolStoppable said:
It's time to get a new TV when your current one stops working.

That’s not how capitalism works you commie. 

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You cN GET A 50" 4K HDR TV with input lag under 23ms (which is amongst the lowest for HDTVs) for under $330 brand new now.

Unless you wont settle for anything other than an Oled TV, there really is no reason not to get a 4k tv now.

I say it really depends on your financial situation. Upgrading to 4K is a noticeable Improvement. But, it's not life-changing. I think it should only be done if you will not miss the money.

If you do it, I don't think you want to go under $500 unless you're talking about something like a 42 inch TV. Maybe you could get a halfway decent 50 inch unit at that number if you catch a good sale. If you want to get better than that, I'd wait until you feel comfortable spending a little more money so that you can get something good.


RolStoppable said:
It's time to get a new TV when your current one stops working.

Heh. That's my policy, although I do splurge when that time comes.

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I don't think 4K is worth it without good HDR and local dimming. If you are looking for a quality TV for $500, I would wait until PS5 and XB? arrive. Should have good HDMI 2.1 or better, and worth while HDR and Dimming in that price range by then.

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Don't go cheap or you'll risk a cheap panel which reflects on the image quality. If you wanna use your pc on a 4k tv, wait for HDMI 2.1. 

I went with 2000€ minimum.

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